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    Irrefutable facts about our reality

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I have joined this forum to communicate with all of you what I have come to learn is the irrefutable reality of our situation on this planet.
    I am an ex-Muslim, ex-Atheist, born again Christian, and I can prove to you that God must exist and that He is Jesus Christ using Cosmological, Historical, Philosophical irrefutable arguments as well as physical proof of Jesus Christ's Resurrection.
    I can also prove to you that the common knowledge of our world is being turned upside down, and even the basic Law of "love your neighbour as yourself" has been turned upside down by the god of this world, Satan, into pure Narcissism.
    I want to preface this entire post by saying that we are all sinners, and no matter what sin we are involved in, we can all be saved by the Grace of God through our FAITH ALONE, not of works lest any man should boast. I love all people and wish that they would all be reconciled to Christ. Some of the truths I will prove to you here will be hard for you to accept, but know that the truth is intolerant of your emotions, and the truth is divisive. Just because you perceive a truth as negative, does not mean it is evil. It means you need to change your world view to align with the truth. We are all growing here, and while I understand this, I also understand that being blunt is the best way to tell the truth. The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

    First of all, I will start off with taking a huge weight off all your chests, and that is by crushing the LGBTQ community's pathological lie, which is that people are "born that way". This lie is crushed with two words. "Ex-gays" and "ex-trans". Ex-gays prove that sexuality is a choice, and basic Biology proves that gender is genetic. NOT the other way around, as the Liberal insanity suggests. Over 90% of trans people are male to fake female, over 86% of pedophiles are gay, over 65% of trans people are child molesatation victims, over 45% of trans people kill themselves (higher suicide rate than holocaust prisoners [yes, I know many of you don't believe the Holocaust happened, but I will dispell this WRONG narrative for you as well], so citing persecution is insane). These statistics clearly suggest that the LGBT community is in fact a sex addict death cult. Children are being indoctrinated with aggressive sexual content in the mainstream media, and this causes children to be sexualized, which affects the mind of children very drastically. Children who are molested actually experience physical scarring of brain tissue, as well as psychotic episodes including masturbation till bleeding and attempting to murder their innocent kin, let alone suicide. We are growing up in a culture that is sexualizing children earlier and earlier, and is doing it under the guise of sexuality being something we are born with. It isn't. Sexuality is something that is learned, and as such, can be perverted and can be manipulated and can be changed. Ex-gays prove that sexuality is a choice, there is no other way around this irrefutable fact. The common liberal rebuttal would be to dismiss the existence of ex-gays, but sadly for them, ex-gays exist en mass and are starting to come out more and more, but we must understand that THEY are the cloested ones, being kept in the closet because of the atrocities they may have committed while addicted to sex. And yes, homosexuality is an extension of sex addiction. The common rebuttal to this, is why would gay people choose to be gay? Well, why do crack heads choose to smoke crack? They know it's bad for them, they know they will be ostracized from society because of it, and they know it is poison for them, yet they still do it. Why? Because they are addicts. You will find that members of the LGBT community have an unhealthy identity based solely or primarily on their sexuality. They put on fake accents, mutilate their bodies, and have septic and anatomically incorrect "sex" to satisfy their perversion. They do not deserve to be supported and glorified, but shamed as crackheads are shamed in our community. and DEFINITELY not promoted in schools.

    If you have any questions or comments about this section, please feel free to ask, I have rebuttals for days to all of the common objections, but know that I have put these arguments through tests for years, and they remain compeltely irrefutable. is a website made by a post-op-ex-trans man who cut his penis off and lived most of his life as a woman, but he will tell you that men can't turn into women and a man living a life as a woman is a man living a life in delusion. men are not women. Men can't turn into women. It is in fact EVIL to feed a person's delusion.

    This brings us to our second point, which is in fact an overarching point which I hope all of you will read and understand:

    Most people do not know what LOVE is. I know, it sounds corny at first, but please continue reading. The mainstream media and Liberal agenda has brainwashed us all with thinking that "All Acceptance" is how you show love. This is a COMPLETE lie and is in fact the inverse of reality. All Acceptance accepts DECEPTION. Deception should be logically hated, exposed and rejected. The ACTUAL epitomized action of showing love is to TELL THE TRUTH. The Truth is DIVISIVE and it is INTOLERANT of your emotions. Look at those two words "Divisive and Intolerant". These words have turned into EVIL WORDS in today's braindead mainstream 98IQ Zika Yolo Generation mentality. Once you come to the realization that truth is more valuable than your feelings or the feelings of anyone else, then you will recognize how to love truth and how to identify truth instead of emotion. Man's greatest struggle is the struggle between our flesh (emotional wants) and our logic (our ability to identify truth). The problem is that there is an actual PHYSICAL struggle within our minds between these two decision making processes. Our Limbic System in our brains is a physical system which will SHUT DOWN your cognitive mind in times of emotional distress, and take decisions from your subconscious PROGRAMMING. An example of this would be when someone walks in on their wife cheating on them in their bed, and they end up killing the wife and the loser. They will claim that they "lost their mind". This is what temporary insanity refers to. Your brain can actually shut down your ability to control it if you are not used to exercising your cognitive mind and being logical. Media has turned us into reactive Limbic drones that value emotion above truth and logic. If you can overcome this programming, you are on your way to unlocking irrefutable truth. (1/3)
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    Next up, we have God.

    God must exist, this is proved by the Kalam Cosmological Argument (explained very well by Dr. William Lane Craig, but I will expand upon it) which states that anything which begins to exist must have a cause, and because the Universe began to exist, it must be caused. First of all, most atheistic rebuttals to this argument appeal to infinite time or infinite matter. These concepts do not exist and as such, cannot be appealed to. Time/Space/Matter are a trinity which depend on each other to exist. The conventional, Unified Big Bang theory illustrates the BEGINNING of the Universe. Not some elastic expansion that has existed for eternity and overrides the second law of thermodynamics aka Entropy. Because we KNOW that the Universe had a beginning, we also KNOW that it had a cause. Why? Because nothingness cannot beget. Nothingness has no potential, and as such, cannot create. Therefore, something beyond time/space/matter must have created the Universe. What could this possibly be? Well, we know what exists beyond time/space/matter, and they are abstract ideas such as numbers and truths, which we know must have existed timelessly, since the Universe is based on these concepts. HOWEVER, math and truths cannot cause upon nothingness, so the question becomes, what abstract idea can cause upon nothingness? Well, we all have minds. Our minds are abstract dimensions which, while are connected to our bodies, are not actually PART of our bodies. Our minds are spaces which we can traverse through time and create anything at a whim. These things we are creating in our minds are being created in REALITY, however they are not bound to the physical restraints that we are, which makes them definitively abstract. Because we know that our minds are abstract, and we know that abstractions are timeless, we can easily infer that there exists and abstract all powerful mind which caused the Universe. This is QED and has been for over 600 years since the argument's inception.

    Again, I am willing to debate this argument with anybody.

    Now you may ask, how does this prove that Jesus is God? It doesn't. It only proves that an all powerful abstract mind must exist beyond our Universe, and was the causer for our Universe. Now we come to proving that this God has revealed Himself to us as Jesus Christ, and we have copious Historical and PHYSICAL PROOF that this is the case. for the Historical case, i will direct you to Dr. Gary Habermas and his Minimal Facts Argument which uses ONLY Atheist historical scholar approved facts to prove that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. I'll give you the simple version of it, but I urge you to go look at his full argument because it includes many historical resources which make this argument irrefutable.
    Here is my version, which is very simple, but very effective:
    Paul tells us that if Christ is not risen, then our faith is in vain. This means that if the Resurrection didn't happen then Jesus Christ is not God and we aren't saved. So we must prove that Christ is risen. This is very easy to do logically and without much historical help, but again, please look at the full argument for a full view of how powerful this argument actually is and how irrefutable it is.
    Christianity started in the 1st century with the claim that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. This happened after Jesus Christ was crucified for being accused of attempting to usurp Caesar's throne. This meant that Jesus Christ was a very high priority political prisoner with a large following, and would be a very important case to handle correctly for those in charge who answer to Caesar. After Jesus' death on the cross, His body was taken and buried in a tomb, which was sealed by a large rock and sealed with Roman Wax as was standard operating procedure. There would have also been at least a single unit of guards would be there to guard His tomb during the Jewish feast holiday to make sure nothing would happen during this time when the people in the area would be all in doors and celebrating, giving ample time for some conspiracies to take place. The Romans were very thorough in their procedure and would have guarded the tomb regardless of the feast holiday, since Jesus was a high profile political prisoner, but even more so because they would like to maintain good relations with the Pharisees and Jewish elite who sought to kill Christ.
    How then, did Christianity even get off the ground? How is it possible, if Jesus Christ is NOT risen, that the Romans or Jews would not be able to produce the body of Jesus, who claimed to be the King of the Jews and usurped Caesar's throne, in Jerusalem where NOBODY EVEN BELIEVED IN A BODILY RESURRECTION, and hold it up on top of the mountains and shout down to everyone that Jesus isn't risen and in fact is still dead? The only logical thought process here is that Jesus is in fact risen, and did in fact appear to many eye witnesses who DIED FOR WHAT THEY CLAIM THEY SAW. This is MUCH different than dying for something you believe, because claiming to SEE something and dying for it probably means you saw it, especially if you were a non believer before you saw it, which many of the converts were previously non believers.
    - Again, this is the very simplified version of the Historical proof for Jesus Christ, look for Dr. Gary Habermas' lectures and debates to see how irrefutable this argument really is with all the citations and expertise in toe.

    Finally, we come to my favourite subject, and that is The Shroud of Turin coupled with The Sudarium of Oveido. The Physical proof of Jesus Christ's Resurrection. The first thing you need to know is that the Shroud was carbon dated (since this is the first thing most people google search in 0.02s and find on Snopes), and it was dated from a STARCH AND ROOT DYE contaminated area of the cloth which has since been refuted. This dating gave a much later date, but even with the later date (1300s rather than 30AD), the properties of the Shroud and Sudarium are enigmatic and IMPOSSIBLE to replicate today. Not only that, but The Sudarium was carbon tested and is IN FACT ancient, and it is also a FORENSIC MATCH (pollen, blood, spatter, etc) to The Shroud of Turin, so the carbon dating being peddled on atheist slanted websites is a COMPLETE lie, and there is much testimony from scientists who have researched the Shroud since the dating, to verify the dating was botched. The Shroud is a PHOTO NEGATIVE, HOLOGRAPHIC, X-RAY, LASER INTERFERENCE IMAGE that is burned (or not even burned, but APPLIED) onto the tops of the fibrils of the cloth it is on through a process which would take BILLIONS of wattage and anti-gravity technology to re-create. The Shroud is the single most studied artifact in human history, being studied by military grade technology and being proved to be so enigmatic and different that the image itself is actually 3D. It really is crazy proof that we are all lied to about and kept in the dark about, and 99% of people who have heard of the shroud have never even heard of The Sudarium of Oveido, which is the corroboration or SECOND WITNESS to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. (Shroud being the first witness). The Resurrection, coincidently, is the only miracle performed by God after the creation of man, that was not witnessed by a human being. It was, however, recorded and sealed for our time (the end times) with technology based information to be decoded and proved legitimate, which it has been. (2/3)

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    All of that said, I will leave you with this, the true Gospel of Salvation that ANYONE, including the BIGGEST SINNERS, any gay, trans, anyone no matter who you are, who you've killed, or what you've done, you can be SAVED RIGHT NOW if you just follow what is written here:

    Salvation is by the Grace of God through your Faith alone in the The Gospel, which is the fact that The LORD Jesus Christ is God (The Only Begotten Son of God, The Word of God made flesh, the second person of the One and Only True and Living Triune God, co-Equal and co-Eternal with The Father and The Holy Spirit), that The LORD Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself on the cross for full payment of all your sins (past/present/future) by His blood that was shed, and that He rose from the dead on the third day, all according to the Scriptures. If you believe this, and you believe/trust in The LORD Jesus Christ ALONE as your personal Saviour, you are saved (and have Eternal Life [can't be taken away by virtue of being Eternal]) and can know you are saved because you can know what you believe. Salvation is by The Grace of God through your FAITH ALONE in The Gospel and in The LORD Jesus Christ ALONE as your personal Saviour, NOT OF WORKS LEST ANY MAN SHOULD BOAST. Romans 3, 1 Corinthians 15, Ephesians 2:8-10.

    Some other quick things to inform you about since I've seen the conspiracy community be usurped:
    God is a Zionist and wants the Jews to have Israel, He has an EVERLASTING COVENANT with Abraham.
    Zionism =/= Globalism
    Jews are the good guys
    Satan wants to kill all Jews because that will prove that God is a liar, and as such, dethrone God, but God will protect the Jewish people and Israel will never be uprooted again (see 6 day war for proof of that).
    Judaism is our enemy for Christ's sake, but Jews are beloved for the Father's sake.
    Satanists exist in every walk of life from every race and every background, and yes, many of them may be Jews, but many of them aren't. Don't be fooled by Satan's plan to get you to hate Jews. All you're doing by hating Jews is helping Islam. As I said, I'm an ex-Muslim and I can destroy Islam in 2 seconds and prove that Muhammad is a false prophet from his own words. If you'd like to learn how, just ask me and I'll post my irrefutable argument against Muhammad.
    Geocentricity is real and should be the focus of discussion, NOT Flat Earth. While Flat Earth MAY be true, it is much easier to prove Geocentricity conclusively, since they aren't ready to fight against Geocentric truth. They have directed the argument towards flat vs round earth. Don't be fooled by their smokescreen, focus on what God tells us is true, and we know for a fact that the Earth does NOT move while the Sun does, not the other way around. The shape of the earth is truly secondary to the Geocentric issue.
    Saturn is the planetary representation of Satan. Saturn's north pole is a giant hexagon. A Hexagon is a 2D representation of a cube. The Black Cube is a symbol for Saturn. Saturn's hexagon has changed from blue to gold within the past 2 years. This is signalling the return to the Golden Age of Saturn, aka Hell on earth and the Great Tribulation beginning aka 7 years of Satan ruling on earth in the flesh, bringing the mark of the beast aka a mark in your right hand or forehead that allows you to buy and sell (probably an RFID or similar technology which will connect to your banking system) before Armageddon and 1000 years of peace with Christ.
    The rapture will come before the AntiChrist is revealed. All Children and saved Christians will be taken to Heaven and Death and Hell will be released on earth.
    Masonic Satanists and The Vatican rule the world, not Jews. The Vatican is known as Mystery Babylon the Great, mother of all Harlots and Abominations in the earth, detailed in Revelation all the way down to it being a CITY that all the kings of the earth congregate in, and a city that is built upon 7 mountains. The Vatican is known to host parties of all the world leaders and religious leaders, as well as the Pope being the King who every other king bows to and kisses the ring of, as well as Vatican City being built upon 7 "hills". Roman Catholicism is Christianized Paganism and adds works to Salvation through the cannibalizing of Christ through the transubstantiated Eucharist magic bullshit.
    The King James Version is the only true, unaltered, inspired word of God for the English language, and agrees with over 99% of the extant Greek manuscripts, the majority of which come from Antioch (First place people were called Christians according to the Bible itself), while ALL OTHER NEW VERSIONS (over 200) are based on LESS THAN 1% of extant manuscripts coming from ALEXANDRIA EGYPT where Origen reigned with his Gnostic heresies and lies. If Satan was real, would he create one fake Bible with a goat head on it, or would he create over 200 fake Bibles and put them ontop of the real word of God? The KJV is the REAL word of God in the English Language, and is the standard that all other Bibles copy their verse notation from. It is also the only Bible without a copyright (it had a crown copyright, but that was just a formal procedure, which stopped), which means ANYONE can print it and sell it which is a NIGHTMARE for corporations who want their own copyright, so they change the word of God so they can sell it and have their own monopoly with their own versions. Check out Gail Riplinger's "New Age Bible Versions", which is the best book on the history of the Bible.
    Moral Veganism is Satanic and is also a sign that we are truly in the end times:
    1 Timothy 4:1-4
    King James Version (KJV)
    4 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

    2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

    3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

    4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:

    I am open for questions, comments, etc. God bless you all, and I hope this thread gets some of you saved. (3/3) Thank you, Amen.
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    Artista Bjj - Nashville
    Bro, do you even jits?

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    Hello Mr. Kowalsky, yes I do. Not 10pjj, I don't have one in my area. I have an affinity for the 10pjj community in specific, as you are a community that has seemingly escaped from mainstream mentality for the most part and I find that amazing and basically blessed. I also love the 10pjj system, I have all 3 system tomes, and was even disciplined for trying rubber guard at my local Gracie Barra back in the day by having higher belts crush me, berate me, and crank on me hard. I have and always will support 10pjj, because it is the truth and the answer to the current state of MMA. It is a system that was ahead of its time, and I recognized that very early on. Amen, thank you for your question.
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    10th Planet London
    Can't argue with such a wall of text, it must really be true.

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    I'm sure if you disagreed with it, you'd find a way to argue against it. In fact, various times I encouraged dialogue on these points. Just start somewhere. Fight for the truth.

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    Don't be fooled by their smokescreen, focus on what God tells us is true, and we know for a fact that the Earth does NOT move while the Sun does, not the other way around.
    This statement is all kinds of stupid.

    Sure, have faith. Sure, teach people to love one another and move humanity forward into a more enlightened state.

    But don't try to convince people with rubbish.

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    Hello SebG,

    I see you have taken the weak rhetoric, immediately dismissive route rather than the much better and intelligent debate/dialogue route. That's fine, this is what happens when someone is met with a ton of facts they can't handle, so they spring on the easiest to attack to make themselves feel better about living a lie. I encouter this rhetoric every day, but I always make sure to make the person using it, is aware of how weak their dismissive 0 rebuttal rhetoric is and how it only shows that you are afraid of the information. Assuming you've read everything else (since this quote is from the end of the posts), is this all you could find a way to dismiss immediately, hoping that others who don't read the posts would also be inclined to dismiss it?

    I know how to handle this extremely weak rhetoric, and that is just to prove that what you believe is a lie.

    It's very simple to prove that Heliocentricity is false, and that is by showing a very simple demonstration:

    Take an orange, put it on a table. Take an apple, and with your fingernail make a mark on where you would think your location on that apple is, for example California.

    Set that apple at any point in the orbit around the orange, and your fingernail mark is facing the orange. This is high noon on whatever date you have chosen as per the location. There are 365 days in a year, 24 hours in a day. That means it takes 365 days to orbit around the Sun, and it takes 24 hours for the earth to rotate 360 degrees on its axis. Ok, now move the apple 180-190 days away from the Sun, but keep the way the planet is facing the exact same because we are going to be using Noon, the position of your fingernail mark as proof that we don't go around the Sun.

    You will notice that your fingernail mark is now facing away from the Sun.

    Congratulations, you have proved that Heliocentricity is impossible.

    I await your accurate and in-context rebuttal to this simple proof that you live a lie. Thank you for your interest. Sorry about your weak rhetoric.

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    Hi Mr. Watkins. Your questions are irrelevant to the facts that prove your position wrong. First of all, I never claimed the earth is flat, so half of your argument is already moot. Second of all, g-spot doesn't mean you should do anything with it/use it like that. Anal sex is anatomically incorrect and it is septic, and ex-gays exist and prove you have a choice. Refute that first, don't ask irrelevant questions, thank you for your interest, I hope you learn that you are objectively wrong.
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