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    Mind Blown


    I'm a BJJ practitioner for a number of years now and was fortunate enough for a friend to get me an invite to a seminar at 10P London with Eric Ramey about 18 month ago. Since then, I've attended as many seminars at 10P London as I can including several more with Eric and also Ben Eddy. I also kick myself for missing some of the others there! Everyone is very welcoming and I love the attitude they have.

    As a guard player I have found that the 10P style has complimented my game to no ends. I am seeing paths and routes for me to look at other sett ups and attacks that I had no idea were there. I am seeing details whilst chaining submissions and making positional changes far more than I would in regular training sessions. Thanks for making MTS available to us. I've been on a binge big time over the last few weeks especially. I genuinely feel that this system will help me bring my skills up further than I ever anticipated. Though I still love the gi, the 10P system is an element that I simply have to include in my development.

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    Awesome to hear you’re feeling the 10P vibe. Thank you for the support!
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