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    Project Blue Beam is Bullshit.

    Just watched Eddie Bravo on Theo Vons podcast and heard him mention Project Blue Beam, first of all it was not William Cooper that is responsible for creating project blue beam. It was Serge Monas this guy...

    William Cooper mentioned alien landings and other bullshit that ended up not happening in his famous book Behold A Pale Horse. In the book he mentioned several things that ended up not happening and project blue beam WAS NOT one of the theories he created. Serge Monast is responsible for Project Bluebeam, he is a Christian fundamentalist and marketed project blue beam as a sort of second coming. All you have to do is watch one of his videos and you will realize that he is off his marbles.

    Christopher Knowles is a world renowned researcher on all things weird and Eddie you should have him on Sam Tripoli's show he will break down Project Blue Beam.Christopher Knowles is an author and renowned researcher, the guy is a conspiracy theory encyclopedia, he definitely is not someone that buys the BS sold by the government, however unlike Monast and Cooper he is not a crook or cook.. .

    Here is the link to his Blog post on Project Blue Beam worth a quick read.

    Rational Wiki also has an article that exposed Project Blue Beam.

    UFOs and the National Security State author Richard Dolan got so sick of hearing about the mythical Project Blue Beam that he wrote a scathing essay entitled "Project Blue Beam Countdown? Don't Bet on It" in the run-up to an alleged Blue Beam event on October 13.

    And guess what on October 13 Nothing Happened.

    Project Blue Beam is bullshit.


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