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    Chest Hair Day (A, D, H Days) Explanation

    Whatís up guys, as a ronin not yet training at a moon Iím working with friends at my local gym to get these warm ups down. On the app I see on A, D, and H days at the bottom are CHD (chest hair days). From my understanding, each of these are positional sparring drills in order to get better at those certain positions. Is there anywhere that breaks down these drills and how they are supposed to be done? This is my understanding so far:

    A Day: Posture, Base, and Balance (drill focus)
    The Clamp (triangle control with feet crossed)
    Koala (?)
    Mission Control (rubber guard broken posture)
    Cocoon (butterfly guard control)
    EBI OT Positions

    D Day: Passing with Balance and Base
    Butterfly, K-Pummel, M1 (?)
    Legdrag 8 to 4 (?)
    10 to 2 Inversion (?)
    Live Passing (free for all passing?)
    EBI OT Positions

    H Day: Swamp Walk, Cops and Robbers (?)
    Standing Spiral
    Kneeling Spiral
    X Guard
    Deep Half
    Berimbolo (where start?)
    Single X
    EBI OT Positions

    Any written out guidance or direction towards videos (MTS episodes, YouTube, etc.) would be BEYOND helpful, as trying to master the system from afar is a challenge on its own lol.

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    You got the basic idea, but the live drills are constantly evolving, keep up with MTS, the live drills are revealed there’s. I’ll start filming them for MTS more in the future
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