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    Thoughts on white belts rolling?

    Hey guys, been training at HQ for about 2 months minus some travelling trip breaks I took. So far I have only gone to the fundamental classes which consist of drilling the warmups and some live drills too. I feel like I have picked some things up and would love to actually get the chance to put everything together. When do you guys think white belts are ready to roll and any idea which class/time would be best for that at HQ?

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    roll since day 1

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    10th Planet USS AMERICA/Yuma
    New Bern, NC
    Rolling, like sparring, provides instant correction for mistakes. It allows you to try things out, to feel how things go against an opponent with free will. Roll whenever you can as long as you have good partners and you have the humility to tap when they have you (don't ever risk injury for pride).

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    10th Planet HQ/San Mateo
    Los Angeles, CA
    We always roll during the Mon/Weds Fundamental day classes.

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    Yes, a lack of time is always a problem. I read some researches at that self-organization could keep your health and body in a good fit.


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