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    10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

    LEGLOCKS DON'T WORK!! Vinny Magalhaes #CHANGEMYMIND!! This Saturday- 10P Redlands!

    10th Planet Redlands is proud to host one of our own, Vinny Magalhaes!
    Eddie Bravo black belt and gi blackbelt who has beaten who's who in today's Leglock game.
    He says Leglocks don't work. Come and find out why!

    Definitely come visit if you are in town for Combat Jiu Jitsu on Sunday!!

    $95 at the door.
    $80 for 10th Planet Affiliates

    10th Planet Redlands is located at:
    821 West Colton Ave.
    Redlands, Cal. 92374


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