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    Insert yo mamma joke here

    Flat earth my theory...

    I have noticed that many who hold stakes in flat earth also take A LOT OF AYAHUASCA... I have done ayahusca and yeah when I drink a few cups the earth is some kind of flat... Before I did aya, I would have violent nightmares and it would wake me up and I would be in the DMT state of mind on a full DMT trip. Perhaps because the human mind is some sort of computer with electrical synapses and grids and circate boards of one kind or another... In the large amounts of aya is rewired and to see the earth is flat is possible... LSD-25 my friends amigos, hermanos bros... That is the eye of odin that is what the plan is. And I don't see earth as physically flat unless it is computer generated... But as a morphing living thing with a core that is capable of wonder... Aya will give you the ability to know that your talking with pacha mama/pacha papa if that person was there but it seems that many after the full come down forget.. Very troubling... So if the earth is indeed flat then id have to assume that person has taken a lot of aya and is like me in my lot of LSD immersed int he trip... To simplify I really miss LSD-25 I want to cry that it is not in my life beside what remains in my body... There is one thing that I feel proves the earth is something rotating but because I like to respect my martial skills I can't say what I'm talking about. But can say to those who actually read this far that each night in your dreams you are in a heavy DMT land and that before you sleep your thoughts like when you set intention of your aya trip... You can do that with your dreams... And each time you wake up in the night you must reset intention... This is my research...and I plead please I neeed real LSD-25 I need it I love it. Life without it I'm so sad... Life without the trama the ego has held with in to keep me semi socialable... No one wants to play with the guy who always...always wins legit... I can put my hand over a drop of Lsd n tell you if its cut or not or real or not. Ive been on it since I was born basically.must I give my eye for the sight always...


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