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    Insert yo mamma joke here

    "NO PAIN,NO GAIN!" the biggest load of hospital waste to hit the sports world

    “No pain, no gain” the worst advice that an athlete can receive. Through the years coaches and teammates have told you this with no regard for your future. I don't know about you but i want a ribbon to remind me of an event or the sport i played and not a part of my body that either never works the same again, is disability worthy, or occasionally acts up. When you roll with high level people at practice, during training,we hope in competition they will keep to the professionalism and understanding of the fragile nature of the body. The slow moves of a caring partner you can see it when eddie bravo and royce gracie rolled in their submission bout. Slow movement knowing that they want to bring their best yet ensure both parties get to compete another day. Respect for our competitors and practice partners. We have all had our body parts around a neck we know the human neck is not like a chicken, we respect this. They snap they crack, the muscles give with relative ease. If we treat the rest of the body the same way with the same respect then we are really in control and thus truly martial arts practitioners. It is upsetting to me when i watch the fight circuits and see these people hitting well past KO, the over holds of chokes and limb locks, it shows that they are not martial artist and just brollers with no care for the sport and only the check. Even a white belt should be able to tell when THEIR OPPONENTS BODY HAS GONE LIMP OR IS IN IPARATIVE DANGER. Some i've seen fully tap and their competitor is oblivious to this. That is a show of poor martial skills and a sign that this person is not worthy of being on the mat. These are competitions and not fights to the death, people have lives after this. They rak a disaprin...i said they lack discipline! And respect for their opponent, if this is the best they can do that nutzed out i gotta say weak sauce! And that the fans don't boo and the organizations don't ban those who can't hold a base level of respect for the people doing the show… but i guess really all parties seem to only care about the cash. When I was in high school, I had an obsession with splinter cell one day i stealthed a friend of mine and I snapped his neck i heard the crack his body went limp of death KO no life and i was held him mortified at what I had done, then by legit miracle he sprung back to life he came back to life and I was so relieved and he had this look in his eyes i will never forget, it's a look you never want to see. He was cool about it understood it was nothing personal and we never spoke about it again to anyone. He was gone man, my life as well almost all because I was lost in the moment, sure he was totally unaware and it was a legit splinter cell move so his neck had zero fight in it. But since then I have choked many a person as a check yo self motherfucker and i gotta say even in the fight that thing will snap like a pencil, and so will joints… these injuries never really go away. They haunt the person for the rest of their lives. Please note that I am in control and I choked them and shit because they hit women or something like that tried to kill a bitch or scare them in a violent way. Even in warm ups you can hurt youself and not respecting your body is a one way ticket to a bad time in the now and future. Respect your bodies messages and limits. I use to run 10miles in about an hour or less and then warm up stretch then hit the weights for the time most people spend at work. And every time i pushd myself to far it took me out of the game for weeks when I could have spend days in recovery and had all that time to be back in the fun of it. The old views are dated and wrong. Our fathers and uncles didn't know shit. Peer pressure is a sign of weakness when you know you limits and they say push it, sure some mean well but lets be real and recover before we ruin our bodies for the rest of our lives.


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