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    Verbal mediation training mandatory for all martial skills students!

    I think that mediation training should be mandatory, for anyone who learns any type of martial skills or is getting a gun or anything for self defense. The first line of offence and defense should be verbal. You should have the control to keep your cool and use words to see whats going on. I took mediation in grade school. It was great pizza party n shit. It gives you more ways to think that many don't come across. Were adults, we don't want to go to jail, once you lay your hands on a person without consent they can claim assault. They might be trying to draw you into a situation that is not in either of your benefits. Take that extra deep breath. Do you really need to rear naked this guy, or is he having a shitty day and you could be a voice of reason and deescalate their situation, it could keep them from abusing their families, and other poor choices. Your skills put you in a unique position to keep yourself and others safe. You learn all kinds of useful shit in mediator training.

    that's a video that has a few free tips. Think about it.


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