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    Just signed up to PRO Account :)

    Now i have hours upon hours of content from the system!!

    I do not train at a 10th Planet gym so this is awesome to have, should i start from the first video then work my way through them? what do you guys recommend?

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    Warm ups! Always start there that will give you the introduction to the stuff Eddie wants you to master. The most recent videos will have the warm up stuff you need to review. Eddie gives great breakdowns.

    From there, work through the parts of your game that you want to improve: Rubber Guard, Lockdown, Truck Transitions, etc.

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    Warm ups are a great place to start, but keep in mind that each technique and position in the warm ups need attention. For instance, New York has some small details that someone new to the system may not see, or miss, simply watching a warm up video. So, and this is just me, I would try to get my hands on some of Eddie's books, use this forum, as well as using YouTube for more details about much of what’s in the warmups. Follow the 10th planet warm up page on instagram and if a position, transition or submission looks so foreign, or needs more detailed explanation to you, ask here or look it up. Whenever I was confused or knew something needed me to give more attention to and no one could help me, I would take the name down and look it up in Mastering The Twister, Advanced Rubber Guard or ask my 10P fam online. If that wasn’t enough I’d look up the move on YouTube following the term with 10th planet Jiu Jitsu. Like ‘zombie 10th planet jiu jitsu'. Ask on here for video examples and links to them as well, if your navigation through the warm ups hits a bump at all. Hope all works out and welcome brother!

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    Onto it! cheers fella!

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    Cheers for all the advice.... also i dont know if its just me but been playing Rubber guard alot and noticing my knee is a little sore, not terrible just a slightly?
    do you guys recommend any instructional flexibility videos on youtube?

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    I think this means me and Eddie are BFF's now 😝


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