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    10th Planet Jiu Jitsu - Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

    Hey, was wondering if there are any 10P practitioners that are interested in starting an affiliate gym on the Gold coast, QLD, Australia. Its an hours drive south of the 10P in Brisbane and would make an excellent addition to the coast. I've recently been researching about BJJ on the internet, and started to watch tutorials on different techniques, especially those that were derived from 10th planet jiu jitsu. I was saddened to find out that there is a gym on the GC since i find the concept of 10P to be amazing and would love to begin training under its system.

    IF there are any practitioners that are remotely interested in starting a gym on the GC, i implore you to do so!

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    10th Planet Melbourne
    Maybe have a chat to Devon (10P Bris) and Frank (10P Melb) - they can put you on the right track at least.

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    The grappling club. 10p Brisbane
    Come up for a night and train i used to do the drive from Beenleigh 3+ times a week and now do the same from sunny coast. No where better to train than under Dev and Jack.

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    I am a former academy owner and black belt here on the Gold Coast and am very interested in starting a no-gi only academy here. I now train exclusively no-gi, however find it difficult to find no-gi classes here on the Gold Coast. It is saturated with gi schools, but I believe an exclusively no-gi academy would be great for the area. I am not connected to 10th Planet, however am very interested in finding out whether opening an affiliate of 10th Planet is a possibility, and if so, how to go about this process. Any guidance regarding this process would be very much appreciated.

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