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Thread: Twister pass

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    Twister pass

    Yo guys. i got a issue with this big fella, everytime i put a lockdown in, he always goes for twister pass.

    Do you guys have any favourit way to deal with this?.

    I just try to push him down, but am just gettin slow cooked.


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    10th Planet Woodbridge & Sunshine Athletics
    Canby, Oregon
    Here are some links to solutions.

    This is for grabbing a backtack:

    You can see Nathan Orchard at 2:06 hit a variation of this move live:

    Here is a video with using a Butterfly Hook:

    On 5/13/2013 this is Eddie Bavo's Response to someone else:

    1. Don't go dhere *in my best Royce voice*

    2. Hit the heisman as he turns into position.

    3. Threaten with an arm triangle as soon as he turns. This won't work if you let him settle in. If you threaten correctly he will turn back towards you, don't let him turn back

    This is why I think the twister pass is such a great choice while in top half, it's so hard to stop when mastered

    Here is Saulo Riberio doing it a counter in the Gi incase you train in the Gi as well:

    Hope that helps


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