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    10th Planet Jacksonville

    Anyone ever train with rib pain / costochondritis?

    So after a few weeks of training my rib cage started feeling sore when I took a deep breath or I put pressure near my sternum. It looks like I got costochondritis which is inflamed cartilage. Probably due to being on bottom in side control so much.

    The first time I woke up one morning and it felt like I got hit by a truck. I waited a few days and the pain went down a lot so I went back to class. A moderate amount of pain was there any time someone had pressure on my chest. It doesn't get worse and worse with more and more pressure, it's just a constant pain. I've now been out of class 4-5 days and it's sorta staying the same.

    I've read differing reports from people ranging from it healing itself in a week to it remaining a problem for years.

    I'm considering just training through the pain if it doesn't go away soon.

    Thoughts? Similar experiences?

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    AFS Academy/10th Planet Richmond, Richmond, Ky.
    Yes. I've had it as have several of my students over the years. It feels like a rib is broke/fractured or dislocated. While it's a good idea to always check those thing to at least rule that out, we all just train around it the best we can and it eventually goes away. Not fun, for sure. Good luck!

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    Team Nogueira Dubai
    I popped 2 of my floating ribs around 6 years ago in training and unfortunately I still feel discomfort and sometimes pain in my ribs, it goes all the way to my back! I spoke to a doctor about it a while ago and he just told me that when you get a rib injury its hard for it to heal properly because the rib cage is constantly expanding and contracting.. I just rested for a while and went back to training.. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I never got a solution to my rib injury either..


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