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    10th Planet Indianapolis
    Indianapolis, Indiana

    10th Planet SINGLET ?!!

    Okay so heres the deal........Im 16 & I've been training at 10P Indy for about a year and a half on and off because of wrestling season & what not. I was trying to get some sleep the other night & like anyone else whos brain keeps them up at night thinking about stupid shit I started to think about the upcoming wrestling season here in about a month. I thought to myself " Is there a 10P singlet I can get my hands on so that I can rep 10P whilst I wrestle ? ". I got on my phone to look it up and, I was very bummed out that there was no such thing. I have no idea if anyone will even read this but, if someone does, who has the power to pull some strings to make such an abomination of an apparel.......I beg you, PLEASE ! I WILL GIVE YOU MY MONEY THAT IVE EARNED THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER MOWING LAWNS ! ( Yes Im Hispanic, Yes I do see the stereotype, and yes if your white & laughed at that your racist lol ) ( If you laughed you owe me a follow on Instagram @beanjitsu ) Who else would actually buy this if it was a thing ? CAN WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN 10P FAM !!!?

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    You just actually need to ask yourself,this buy will be usefull for you and how will change your life

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