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    Gear/cloth washing routine

    Hi, I would like to know how others wash and how often they wash their training gear. Obviously cloth must be washed after one use, but do you wash right after practice, every other day, etc? I dont like leaving my cloth all dirty for too long, but dont wanna wash 24/7 and I also dont have the time to wash every day. The way I do it is I wash cloth every second training day or after training if it's the last day of the week (training cloth only). Before washing I let the cloth soak in white vinegar and water to remove any sweat or mat odors, I then wash with detergent only, and air dry after. Does anyone think they have a technique that's more efficient in regards to time management or getting the best results? Use any different odor neutralizing agents?


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    I put a cap full of this in the fabric softener cycle and let it sit for 10 minutes.

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    I let my laundry stack up for a couple days, day three is when I get it going. I notice if it sits long it get harder to get the nasty out. I do my athletic clothes separate from non gnar clothes.

    I soak the load in 1/2 scoop of biokleen laundry soap and 1 tbsp biokleen oxygen bleach plus for some hours(1-2) and then let it wash thru. This get the dirt out.
    Then I re soak with oxi-clean white revive ( for odor) a tbsp of dr bronners sal suds and a small scoop of biokleen laundry soap. This 2nd wash get the last of the funk out. I may let it sit over night, or just a few hours.

    I rarely do a extra final rinse with bronners suds if it is a massive load and the 2nd loads water was not as clear as I wanted.

    I try not to use fake smell good stuff because it can give ppl headaches. Biokleen and bronners is all natural and works great.

    I dry my clothes by hanging them up for the most part, sometimes I pop them in the dryer on delicate for a short while.

    My gear seems sturdy and bright and happy.
    I have been washing jiu jitsu laundry for 3 yrs now.
    I hope this helps!


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