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    Edmonton, Alberta

    Hey guys,

    Just getting back into Jiu-Jitsu after taking a few years off to compete in bodybuilding.

    Is there anyone here from Edmonton? I'd like to find a partner to drill the 10P warm-ups at Kamikaze Punishment.

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    Still looking for a partner to drill 10P Warm-ups. I'm at the UofA now, we might be able to use the RTF gym.

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    Your situation insanely reminds me of my past. I also once gave up Jujitsu to start bodybuilding hard. I just love to come to the gym and squat with a heavy barbell of about 150 kg or do deadlifts with a barbell of 220 kg. This feeling is just awesome when you feel very strong. But now I miss jujitsu and try to do both. But not enough energy. I read about nootropics recently in an article, and I think he can drink them before training.


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