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    10th Planet San Jose?

    I moved to San Jose last year after training at the Monster Squad academies in socal for a few years.

    There is a good amount of demand for a 10th Planet here since there are almost no schools that offer no gi, and it is a dry spot being an hour away from 10th Planet San Mateo and 10th Planet Oakland. There isn't a school that even takes no gi seriously in the entire county, I've tried them all.

    I go to open mats and have a patchwork of academies that I drop into so that I can do no gi 4+ days a week, and most of the people I talk to at each of them is impressed with the solid no gi game I learned from socal, unhappy with the no gi program at their school, and would be interested if a 10th Planet opened up in the area.

    Just some food for thought

    Also if there are any 10th Planet people in the area who want to drill I go to a few open mats and can give you the info.

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    hey friend just letting you know I frequent the San Jose area it’s one of my major stomping grounds... I have a long history at American Kickboxing Academy and am friendly with everybody there (they have a no-gi class every day though it’s smaller and ends quickly before the big nightly gi class) has always been a dream of mine to open a 10th Planet in San Jose area and collaborate with people that also want to cross-train at AKA.

    Honestly though I was leaning more toward the town of Morgan Hill which is just 10-15 mins south of SJ... I notice the people there could more desperately use the fitness and lifestyle motivation (most SJ people are probably familiar with it? it’s halfway to Gilroy which recently had that terrible garlic festival gunman attack... I’m sure Gilroy people need the fitness/lifestyle motivation even more than Morgan Hill people and can easily drive up for class)

    regardless it would for sure be cool roll open-mat with ya one day soon... even cooler if you wanted to do a drop-in or free trial class at AKA... I would be glad to introduce you to everybody!


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