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    Binoculars? Do you have some binoculars?

    Hi. Do you like spying neighbours?
    Just kidding. So, what model of binoculars do you have?

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    I have recently bought Celestron Skymaster 25X100. These are some very qualitative binoculars with an adequate price. However, I am using it for a different purpose, not spying

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    Oh, guys. I have ATN BinoX-HD 4-16x. I bought them from, and it has just blown my mind. These binoculars are really cool, you can't even imagine what functions do they have. If you want to spy on somebody, this is the perfect option. They have night&day vision and can record video! Moreover, they have a very smooth zoom, so you can watch from a very big distance. Also, they have wifi, gps, gyroscope, compass and so on O_o. And that's not all. Crazy stuff..!


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