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    Is my lockdown game not gonna work because I have one hand?

    Hey all, I was born without my lower right forearm, still have an elbow and 4 inches of forearm but no hand. Think Nick Newell, if ya'll are familiar. Been training for about a year, more recently I've been getting into 10th Planet system and it's awesome, works so well for me.

    As I've been studying MTS though, a question has emerged.

    My question is; how much is not getting s-grip double unders from lockdown gonna impact my ability to control my opponent? I can get double unders, just not gonna be able to link them.

    Follow up question; are there any one-handed guys or gals on the forum who might be able to point me to aspects of the 10th planet system that will integrate well with my body type?

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    I am willing to bet that you will find some limited success, but success none the less. You don't have to have perfect unders to play lockdown, it just helps make it better.
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    The 10th Planet Grandfather, JJ Machado, is all about overhooks. I would check out his game on YouTube. Some 10P core concepts came from JJM’s style...pyramid/butterfly game, some sweeps, etc.

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