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    American Self Defense Federation ( 2004-2017

    Southern Ohio needs more Jiu-Jitsu schools in low income areas

    Iíve been trying to see if any 10th planet instructors would be interested in starting a school in southern Ohio. The only 10th planet gym is located in Newark, which is over a hundred miles away. There are a couple of Relson Gracie schools but they are also a few hours away.
    The area I live in has almost no martial arts at all, save for a few karate schools that are mcdojos and claim to teach bjj, but in reality itís just watered down judo techniques, such as basic hip tosses and throws. As Iíve stated, the area is very low income and we have no schools at all that teach legitimate Jiu-Jitsu. The area is full of tweekers and bullies and we need some real self defense. If a gym were to open around Chillicothe I can assure that students would pile in.
    I train every day and try to learn what I can via YouTube but that isnít enough. If anyone reads this that can help with this crisis, please let me know something! Someone needs to make Jiu-Jitsu available and affordable to the lower class areas such as mine. Thanks for reading.
    Dakota Roosa, Waverly Ohio


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