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    Shipping vehicles

    I decided to move to New York so I think about how to ship my vehicle
    Any suggestions?

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    lol, just call car shipping company, there are a lot of them
    be careful when choosing it
    read reviews and ask for your friends

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    Yeah it's important to find a good shipping company since they are going to drive your across a certain distance and if they will somehow damage it there is very little chance you will be able to prove that it was the shipping company's fault. I can recommend you try Ship Vehicle (You can check them out here: just because I used them recently and they were really nice. I bought a car from a dude that lives in NYC (I'm currently in Cali) and since I didn't have an option to get down there and drive the car to California myself, I hired a shipping company. They were good in the general price/quality equation and the staff was very professional and helpful. I will definitely use them again if I ever need to ship my car somewhere


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