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    EBI OT - Official rules?

    Hi there,

    An increasingly large number of gyms around the world hosting no-gi turnaments are adopting the EBI OT rules. I have run into a problem, where the promoters/judges does not fully understand the rules, and therefore EBI overtime often is "what the promoters and judges think the rules are" instead of "the actual EBI OT ruels".

    What i often run into is judges who stops the match when the attacker enters the truck.

    Is there any official rulebook, where the positional requirements for when a escape is completed, is specified - to an extend compareable the fx. the ibjjf rulebook?

    It seems to be a problem that people are using EBI OT rules, yet do not have an official rulebook :/

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    No one has written down the rules proper however I do have multiple rules meetings recorded with Eddie breaking it down. I'm happy to share the video with someone who is willing to transcribe the rules into a comprehensive rulebook. Along with the technical rules, referees also need to understand how the overtime positions and how to hold the competitors until the time starts.

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