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    My backyard and decking

    Following on from Christina's message regarding the delivery of composite flooring, does anyone have recommendations for composite flooring? My landscape designer offers a Millboard that he used to work with. This looks nice, but is quite expensive; composite boards sold by wicks , etc. , in contrast, do not appear on empty space.... Are there other brands I should research? I noted that Bitpipe was happy with the ResortDeck product, and I'm also looking into this.

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    I think you should follow your designer's advice. He knows better what to do.

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    I am for deck composite boards. I installed this kind of decking 5 years ago and it still looks very good, better than the wood. Moreover, it's durable and weather-resistant. When I bought it was at an affordable price for me and I think you won't get out of your budget, however, you can check their offers on I hope it could be useful. Anyway, you are free to decide what material is better for you.


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