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Thread: Debt Collection

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    Debt Collection

    Hey guys. A friend of mine loaned some money for a friend. Its been months and the guy didn't return it. To make maters worse he even fled the country and now we are a at a total loss. Any advise?

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    Had the pleasure of using this company to recover a debt for me and I’m so glad I did. Very efficient, polite, Courteous and professional I would describe them like hammerite do exactly what’s on the tin no messing about. Delivered on timescales and fees. Would defiantly recommend this company 5 stars.

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    I'll give you only one advise - let the professionals in this area to do this work. I can recommend the international agency debt collectors, because it's tested actually by me. Long story short, I exhausted all paths in getting payment from a customer who owed over 18,000.00, having no luck with going through the courts.
    frontline-collections assured us they would get our money for us as at times we seemed to get nowhere. They were right, with their professional approach and patience we have now been paid. So if you have problems, just write them.


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