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    Taking Notes

    Hello All,
    Hope your all well,
    I'm interested to know how many of you write down notes to help your game develop.
    If so what format do you use, not just to break down technique but also to highlight systems and troubleshoot.
    I've started, but haven't found a format that suits me yet.

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    I honestly just take my notebooks and separate into back guard side control twister stuff super basic and put offense and defensive super separate for each position and I use the flows from 10th planet jj and make sure I have the basic stuff down then go back and revise stuff in a word document so paper for basic stuff or seminars and word documents for when I learn something i haven't learned before and have to make sure i remember it and write i down and put it in a digital format in a word document oh and I number everything

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    I shoot all new techniques, talks, and my rolls and review after the fact.


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