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    Dallas O'Regan BJJ
    Cochrane, Alberta

    Cochrane / Calgary Training.

    I have mat space and a bunch of 10Planet instructionals if there is you are in the area and want to train the 10 Planet system.

    There is no 10 planet in the area and I'm not trying to start one, Im just looking for some cool peeps who want to learn the warm ups and other 10 Planet system stuff with me.

    I am a 37 yr old father of 4. White belt, (not spazy, you won't get hurt rolling with me) I get complemented on how fun I am to roll with from all belt levels and body types big or small.

    I've been a member for a while but never posted till today, Not sure If I am even aloud to make these posts so, Moderators, just let me know if I crossed a line.

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    Hey, I'm in the Edmonton area. Feel free to add me on Facebook/Instagram @Manuel.dufresne, maybe we can drill and roll if you're up here or if I drive down to YYC.

    I'm at Kindgom MMA and we are focused on no-gi. It's not a 10thplanet gym but trust me, they know what a rubber guard feels like .


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