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    Lockdown flowchart-Problem with link

    Aloha everybody,

    Iím new to BJJ and also very new to 10th planet. This site seem super helpful. I was hoping to study some of the techniques, and was hoping to find step by step videos or instructions. I saw the lockdown chart, and tried to click on the first video, but when I was brought to the link on YouTube, it says that the video is private. Can someone out there give me some pointers on how to gain access, and also on the most efficient way to learn and study the techniques?

    With Gratitude,


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    10th Planet Woodbridge & Sunshine Athletics
    Canby, Oregon
    Hey John, 10th Planet has a lot of names for the moves that we do, so getting familiar with the lingo is going to take time but once you do it will change everything, because then you can think through JiuJitsu in a logical way. It is truly a system.

    The absolute most important thing to do is get MTS (Mastering the System) because Eddie Teaches the system to you there.

    Other than that you can get an incomplete idea of the system from Youtube, here are a bunch of links to the best videos on the lockdown out there:

    BMac on Lacing the Lockdown

    BMac on the Electric Chair

    Patrick Donabedian on the Electric Chair Micro Battles

    Eddie Bravo explaining the Whip Down

    BMac with the Stomp Transition

    10th Planet Walnut Creek teaching the ever important Mini Stomp


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