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    How do I advertise my course, help

    hiya everyone my names kyle

    been training for 4 years now and have recently found the love for coaching. I train out of a region of Scotland called Fife and have been coaching as much as I can, been doing beginners courses junior classes. everything.

    I train under a well respected UFC fighter and Polaris competitor. he's currently in a fight camp for the next few months and has asked me to coach my own courses if I'm game for it.

    ive been juggling a few idea's that i want to go for but have ZERO idea how i go about advertising it. the ideas ive had have been women only classes, beginners / intermediate courses, competition classes etc...

    I really ambisous to showcase the love i have for jujitsu for my local community and want as many people to experience jujitsu the same way we have. i just don't know how to reach out to these people. Honestly any tips or advise would be Massively appreciated

    thank you everyone

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    Look for other local businesses that will let you leave a flyer or business cards in their lobby or on a bulletin board. You can return the favor by offering them to leave information about their business in your school.

    Another one is location based ads, on Instagram, Facebook, Google or maybe even Snapchat .

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