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    just want to say thank you

    Hi I am new to Jujitsu and just wanted to say thank you Eddy for making this site possible. I am currently member of a gym where i have the possibility to train 5x per week (mostly no gi) but I find the instruction and drilling time a bit limited. For a beginner thatīs not so good as I donīt have the time to master techniques properly and commit them to memory.

    I have lots of instruction material from all people you can imagine; danaher, bernardo, and i dunno who else.
    But I realized none of those instruction videos come even close to Master the system. The way in how Eddy explain and shows things and repeats it from different angles and setups and strategies is so well and detailed explained I can practice it perfectly on my grappling dummy and try to apply it in the 5x per week lessons during rolling. Because we focus more on rolling and wresting in class than actual drilling so if i dont have techniques to focus on during sparring I would have no idea what I have to do.

    MTS lessons really give me a grip to reflect upon myself and what to do. I also incorporate cannabis in my life by vaping a low dosa and at a low temperature and realize it really improves the flow. Things just happen more spontaneously when rolling.

    Having MTS at hand makes me feel I have something to focus on, so I hope it will someday make me the grappling person I want to be. Thank you Eddie and the whole team that makes this possible.

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    Welcome aboard brother thank you
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    thank you so much Eddy for replying. It's a true honor to me.


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