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    NSAC Approves Use Of Cage Side Judges Monitors

    In a meeting today, the Nevada State Athletic Commission approved the use of cage side monitors for their judges governing over UFC events.

    Prior to the meeting and subsequent approval of monitor usage the last major UFC event to have monitors installed on the judges table was UFC 121 where the California commission already had policy in place to provide such assistance to judges.

    With the change in policy, monitors will be used at next weekend’s UFC 130 event and every other event that the state plays host to.

    The use of monitors for judges is an attempt by the UFC to provide assistance to the cage side officials who score the round by round action inside the Octagon. With so many questionable calls in the history of the sport, the intent is to give the judges a better vantage point while analyzing the in the cage activity.

    UFC 131 in Vancouver will also have judges monitors installed for the event.

    will this help with some of the sub poor judging? also i cant believe they didnt have these already

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    It's a step in the right direction. Now we'll be able to have instant replay for the judges' calls right at the table.

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