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    10th Planet Rochester
    Syracuse, NY
    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Wylie View Post
    You want to express your loyalty but you don't train at a moon and your not even willing to drop 5 bucks a month to get instructional videos straight from HQ. If I thought I was dedicated enough to get a 10th planet tattoo I would pack up and move to Hollywood and check shit out first. At least take a week vacation out there. You just found this website 3 days ago and your down for life already!
    It was a long 3 days! When you know, you just know! I think he should do his whole back 10th Planet: since he's down for LIFE!

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    Zombie BJJ - RMNU
    Quote Originally Posted by RobertF View Post
    You dont know me. you dont know my situation in life. this is why i want the tattoo, so nobody can question my love and loyalty for 10th planet
    I say go for it....but also am wondering why you would be so defensive
    when you did ask for opinions on the subject.

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