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    10th Planet Walnut Creek
    From the San Francisco Bay Area California.
    Hey man I am giving up on going to UCLA and USC (which I already got into) to stay in the Bay Area and learn under Denny and 10th Planet San Francisco. After I get home man I can't wait to get started. If you want to be the best. Train with the best. I fully support what your doing, and good luck!

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    Surprised more of you guys don't now about the moving rules in Jiu Jitsu

    Before you move out of state to go to another BJJ school you must first be at least a 4 stripe Blue, sorry guys, but rules are rules

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    Thanks guys! All packed up, flight leaves from NYC Saturday morning! SO excited! Bogged down right now with logistics but soon I'll be settled in and training. I think I'm going to rent a room in Silverlake, Atwater Village or Glendale to be close to HQ, I was looking at Echo Park but I heard it's shady.

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    10th Planet H.Q
    Los Angeles, CA
    Are you at H.Q yet?.......Echo Park isn't shady to close to H.Q by Korea Town but moving in June....let me know if your here already

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    Hey Omar. Yeah I'm here! I got here Saturday and have been busy night and day trying to get a car and an apartment. I got a car yesterday, still in the process of trying to get an apartment. I'm staying with a friend in Huntington Beach until I can find an apartment close to HQ. I stopped by HQ Sunday and knocked on the door but someone opened it with a sauna suit on and said they were closed. I'm in the process of applying for a really nice place in Sherman Oaks but I have shitty credit so I don't know if that will work out. I'm looking around there, studio city, silverlake, weho, noho, atwater village, or even glendale if I have to. I should be in the area again in the next couple days, I'll definitely stop by.

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