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    Did you start from white belt at 10th Planet? If so, when you roll with folks from a different--even more traditional schools do you feel like you're on par with them or better as far as fundamentals are concerned?

    If you didn't start as a white belt at 10th Planet do you feel like you would of got the same stuff there anyway?
    No I was training other martial arts for 23 years and Judo (4th degree black belt) and Sambo for 15 years and a purple belt (under Pat Miletich in no-gi Jiu Jitsu) before I started training in 10th Planet. I've rolled with several traditional BJJ black belts over the years and fair well After being with 10th Planet for 10 years now, I don't feel there's a better association out there that focuses on developing and utilizing the most up to date training methods as actively as 10th Planet does.

    I think a better marker is how my pure 10p students fair against others their own rank. I have an entire youtube page of my guys wrecking shop. Grab a snack and something to drink, there are hours of highlights.

    I feel with how we (the 10th Planet System) have focused on streamlining learning the system with the warms ups, mnemonic devices and several other strategies designed to expedite the functional learning process. The speed at which my students obtain functional skills is far faster than other methods I've been taught or used before.
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    Let me jump in on this one. I trained at Atos for over 2 years and have earned my Blue belt under Andre Galvao in the Gi, as well as at 10th Planet San Diego and have my Blue belt under Boogey and Geo. I understand what you are trying to say for the most part. Short answer, no. 10th Planet Austin is legit and you would do just fine training there from the start. I've personally seen guys that started at 10th Planet San Diego, never doing jiu jitsu a day in their life, beat good guys that I have actually trained with at Atos in IBJJF competitions after getting their Blue belt. It all depends on how you feel man, and if you want to train in the gi or not. I personally felt like I wanted to know "what I was missing" more or less training in the gi and I trained at both gyms until I got my Blue belt. I finished my contract at Atos last May and only train at 10th Planet San Diego now. Training at two gyms was crazy expensive lol, but I am happy with my decision and the experience I got out of it. I learned a lot at Atos as well and was able to compare and contrast for 2 years; and now I know exactly what I'm missing with the gi. If you want to get your "fundamentals" in the gi, go do it. There's no experience like first hand experience. Don't let anyone talk you out of something that you want based on their biased opinion, including guys that tell you that you "need to train both gi and no gi". Zog is right though, as per usual. 10th Planet is much more than meets the eye and there's no way you can go wrong with the moon you have near you. Curtis is super legit and that gym is crazy. Just pick a gym (or two ), go to class as much as possible and have fun. Drill the techniques they teach as much as you can and try to work them into your rolls. It will all start coming together the more you train. It's a slow process, so enjoy it. Good luck in your journey.
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    Thank you for dropping in to 10p Austin. Glad to hear you had fun. That is the most fundamental part of our program, but I can assure you we cover all the fundamentals you listed in our curriculum. The reality is our system teaches the sport faster and provides for a better understanding of the game overall.

    Check out these competition videos of 10p students. None of which had any prior martial arts training:

    Rhodes nails triangle after 1 month at 10PATX:

    Char hits an arm bar after 6 months

    Priscilla RNC's her opponent after 5 months

    Come back and lets talk about your Jiu Jitsu goals, see you soon
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