Mastering The System

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MTS 95: Prison Guard Revisited

Warmups F Revisted, Riley Breedlove, Frank Barca, John Botella,... Play Video

MTS 94: Polishing The Japanese Neck Tie

Chest Pass, Full Guard, Fernando Padilla, Lauri Karppinen Play Video

MTS 93: Reverse Alcatraz

Dead Orchard, Reverse Alcatraz, Joe Rogan, Frank Barca Play Video
Costa Mesa

10th Planet Orange

10th Planet Orange is part of a trinity of gyms located in Orange County, 10th Planet Buena Park and 10th Planet Costa Mesa being the other two. All three gyms operate as one. If three gyms for the price of one, is not enough, there are also two full time Eddie Bravo Black Belts (Ron […]