Mastering The System

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MTS 87: Studying Tape 4

Renato, Tony Ferguson, Andre Galvao, Jess Brown, Sean Applegate,... Play Video

MTS 86: Dan Severn

Rafa Two Step, One Arm Guillotine, Dan Severn, 10P Omaha Play Video

MTS 85: Killa B Part 3

Truck From The Back to Calf Crank, Twister Side Control To... Play Video

10th Planet Indianapolis

10th Planet Indianapolis/ Circle City Martial Arts & Fitness 6107 W. Airport Blvd Suite 100 Bldg 106 Greenfield, IN 46140 phone: 317-690-5135 Jay has served on active duty in the US Army for 23 years serving in various light and Airborne units and has settled in Indianapolis. Jay discovered rubber guard while surfing you tube […]