Mastering The System

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MTS 152 OMA Plata Options

00:02:14 Jiu Jitsu is a Real Super Power JRE #729 00:14:46... Play Video

MTS 151 Rubber Guard Back Up Plan

Rubberguard Back Up Plan, Warmups D Play Video

MTS 150 Advanced Techs With Marvin Castelle

Warmups B Hail Marys and Marvin Castelle Play Video

10th Planet Altus

Personal Bio: Owner / Head Coach Jason Greer has studied Martial Arts since the age of 8 eventually taking over the gym he grew up training in under Eddie Wilcoxen. Jason is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and grew up under the influence of Martial Arts Legends such as Joe Lewis and […]