MTS 149 Twister Side Philosophy

00:02:14 10pHQ Intro (to be edited)

00:03:15 Warmups C1 – Pressure Passes

00:08:04 Warmups C2 – Pressure Passes

00:11:14 Warmups C3 – Pressure Passes

00:12:13 Spiderweb Details

00:19:05 Warmups C4 – Pressure Passes

00:27:08 Twister Arm Lock by Gabriel Twister

00:34:11 ADCC 2003 Talk

00:41:37 Twister Side Control

00:44:06 3 Twister Paths

00:50:58 Riding Control

01:03:28 Stoned Fighting Jiu Jitsu Meets Cannabis

01:13:24 Twister Details

01:18:42 Twister Path

01:22:31 Electric Chair Sweep To Twister Pass

01:26:00 Referees In Competition

01:28:25 Sub Only Vs Points

MTS 148 Advanced Guard Clinch Combos

00:02:14 10pHQ Intro 00:03:15¬†Warmups A1 – Granbys 00:03:51 Warmups A2 – Granbys 00:08:34 Warmups A3 – Granbys 00:11:05 Warmups A4 – Granbys 00:14:55 EBI 17 CJJ Jon Thor Blank Countdown 00:23:15 Breaker Flow 00:24:34 A Day Live Drills 00:29:14 EBI 17 CJJ Jon Thor Blank Highlight 00:35:09 Samoans Story 00:39:05 COP Clinch, COP Sweep 00:51:41 […]

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MTS 147 Polishing the Meat Hook

Warmups H – Open Guards, Meat hook, Marvin Castelle

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MTS 146 ADV Prison Guard Electric Homie

Warmups G, Prison Guard Electric Homie

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MTS 145 Quintet 2 Behind The Scenes

Warmups F3, Quintet 2 Behind the scenes

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MTS 144 Rubber Guard Master Jeremiah Vance

Jeremiah Vance 10p Santa Barbara, Warmups E

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MTS 143 Advanced Inversions with Marvin Castelle

Warmups D, Marvin Castelle Inversions

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MTS 142 Dogfight To Homie Control

Warmups C – Pressure Passes, conspiracy, passing

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MTS 141 Baseball Bat Fury

Warmups B, Jeremiah Vance Vlog

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MTS 140 Gogo Launch

Gogo Launch

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MTS 139 Advanced Rubber Guard: The Pump

Advanced Rubber Guard

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MTS 138 3 Ways To Clear The Neck

3 Ways To Clear The Neck

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MTS 137 Back Control To Spider Web

Warmups G – Top Half Passes

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MTS 136 Return Of The Flying Kung Fu

Warmups D & F

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MTS 135 Jiu Jitsu For CJJ

Jiu Jitsu For CJJ

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MTS 134 Invisible Collar in Austin

Invisible Collar in Austin

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MTS 133 Polishing The Isosceles Triangle

Isosceles Triangle

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