MTS episode 81 “Killa B” is now LIVE!

November 13th, 2014

MTS 81 “Killa B”

Hello brothers and sisters! I hope all is incredible!

Mastering The System episode 81 is now LIVE! This one is all about UFC star Ben “Killa B” Saunders and his 2 weeks at 10th Planet HQ. As many of you already know, Ben is the first fighter to pull off an Oma plata submission in UFC history, and he utilized the rubber guard to set it up. Ben is also a Ricardo Liborio black belt which means not only is his Jiu Jitsu high level, but it also means that he has a true open mind, and he has completely opened his mind to the 10th Planet system, particularly the rubber guard. Everything you see in this episode is what every Mma fighter interested in learning the rubber guard should master. It’s not the entire system, it’s just what I feel is THE most important pieces of the guard Mexicans call La Guarda Elastica. I break down the most crucial path into 4 chunks, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi and the most vital piece of the puzzle, Episode 1, where this path all came from, where it all begins, which is also known as the “Pre Stomp” position. Ben’s flexibility is off the charts, his legs are insanely long and like I said earlier, he’s already a seasoned black belt so he’s picking up the system crazy fast. He’s already all over the long legged rubber guard submission called the “dead orchard” so he “might” end up having the most dangerous guard in the UFC when it’s all said and done. All these techniques were shot on location at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

Thank you all very much for the support and enjoy! Eddie :-)

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Mastering The System ep. 80 “Z-SHOOT-PULL” is now LIVE!

October 24th, 2014

MTS episode 80 “Z-SHOOT-PULL”

Hello brothers and sisters and thank you again for supporting the 10th Planet movement. I hope all is amazing in all of your lives.

Mastering The System 80 is now live, just click “techniques” on

In this episode I cover shooting to perfect double unders from Z guard. Z guard is a position that is too dangerous to be in for a long time in MMA which is why 10th Planet has never been heavy on Z and all it’s variations. But now with the rise of the subonly game, getting deep into Z guard has become important. But the Z-SHOOT-PULL drill is crucial in MMA because it’s all about getting out of Z and into perfect double unders which will protect your face. The PULL part is VITAL in transitioning to dogfight. The PULL takes all the weight off your legs so it’s easy to switch your legs, the PULL forces him to use his striking hand to base or he will face plant, if he’s basing he isn’t punching, plus the PULL makes him base and bring his weight back which is perfect for you to hitch a ride back up to dogfight with him doing all the work and without you needing to unlock those perfect DU’s to base your hand on the mat to get up to dogfight which will open you up to getting guillotined or darced. So the bottom line is that the PULL is MASSIVE in all these transitions I show in this episode. I take you to the half and half sweep from dogfight, I take you to rubber guard from dogfight, and I also take you to spider web from dogfight which comes from getting into homie control. Yes, from dogfight, you can get into Gogo platas AND Prison Guard. Watch this episode and learn how. All these techniques were shot on location at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

Thank you for the support! Eddie :-)

MTS episode 79 “Broke Back Mount” is now LIVE!

October 13th, 2014

MTS episode 79 “Broke Back Mount”

Hello brothers and sisters! I hope all is outstanding!
Mastering The System 79 “Broke Back Mount” is now LIVE! This one is all about the path to the monkey mount aka mono mount aka rubber mount off a Gogo clinch that is falling apart. In the last 2 episodes we got deeply into the spider web of the rubber guard, the Gogo clinch. Although some of the options off the Gogo clinch are physically impossible in mount, like the hazelett, haze-leg and death from below, other rubber guard submissions are WAY easier from the monkey mount like the straight jacket, Special K, the Gogo plata and loco platas. Plus in the mount you also have the mono plata as well, plus the transition to spider is right at your finger tips too. Also in this episode, 10p Rochester leg lock master Scott Yockel goes deep into submission options off the ham sandwhich plus amazing competition footage from our amazing little rubber guards queens Cora Sek and Grace Gundrum. So sit back, grab a pencil and paper and take some notes, you’re gonna love this one. All these techniques were shot on location at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

Thank you for the support! Enjoy! :-)

MTS episode 78 is LIVE!

September 9th, 2014

MTS 78 is now LIVE!

Mastering The System episode 78 is now ready for study. Episode 77 was all about the path to the Gogo clinch. It is a super crucial episode for those of you on a quest to master the rubber guard. Go back and study that one before diving into this one if you havnt already because a large part of this episode is about polishing the Gogo clinch and I also go over a different submission option off the Gogo clinch, “death from below” which is a perfect position to land elbows from the bottom, and the submission from there is just as deadly. And for the first time in MTS history I introduce a part of the leg lock game that I recently got addicted to, the honey hole also known as the saddle and 411. This is a part the heel hook game that I was first exposed to by 10p black belt Shigeki Matsuda, but I ignored it because I was too afraid to play footsies. Then years later after Denny Prokopos dove into the leg lock game, he tried to get me into the honey hole then, but again it seemed to dangerous to me. It wasn’t until 5 years later, when Garry Tonon submitted Richie Martinez and Nathan Orchard from this position in competition that I finally realized how awesome the position is. Orchard broke it down to me beautifully and a seminar of his and I finally fell in love with it. The honey hole system is vast and I only touched on a couple set ups but it’s an MTS segment that will probably ignite your fire for the leg lock game if you’ve been avoiding it like I was. Plus I also go over Dean Lister’s favorite honey hole escape. If you’re still not interested in the honey hole after watching this episode you better at least master the escape, trust me, this escape is pure gold. Thank you for the support! Enjoy :-)

EBI 1 -A Jiu Jitsu Event Even MMA Fans Will Enjoy

September 6th, 2014

Here it is guys, EBI 1 is ready for your viewing pleasure. The production is no where near where I want it to be but we are just getting started, we are on a tight budget, so please bare with us. But the most important part of a successful grappling show are the actual matches, and THAT part of the show, if you watch the entire 16 man divisions unfold, I am pretty damn sure even pure mma fans will be fully entertained. The main goal here is to get Jiu Jitsu on TV, and without getting into details, it looks like it’s about to happen, don’t wanna jinx it tho :)

There are 2 weight catagories showcased in EBI 1, the featherweights at 145 pounds, same day weigh in and the welterweights at 170 pounds, also same day weigh ins.

In the featherweight division we have Jeff Glover, Geo Martinez and Josh Barnett’s prodigy Victor Henry, plus you will witness the birth of the Hindulotine, an incredibly unorthodox guillotine from the rubber guard. This insane technique was pulled off not once but twice in this show, even a twister was perfectly executed.

In the welterweight division we have Garry Tonon, Richie Martinez, Bill Cooper, and Nathan Orchard. Lots of intense battles going off in this division including 2 crushing upsets. So sit back and watch these 16 man tournaments unfold, I promise, you won’t be dissapointed, thank you for the support!

Part 1 “Featherweights’

Part 2 “Welterweights”

Mastering The System 77 “Gogo Clinch”

August 18th, 2014

Mastering The System episode 77 is now live. This is one of the most
important episodes in MTS history. I take you from the dangerous spot, being caught on the bottom in half guard without an underhook to the cocoon, where things begin to look better, all the way to the spider web of the rubber guard, the Gogo clinch, to the quite possibly THE best guard submissions in the game, the hazelett and the haze leg. The Gogo clinch has become my main goal from the bottom because it is the best control position for larger, beastlier opponents when playing rubber guard. I personally have not found a better control position for giants than the Gogo clinch. It’s a variation of the Frodo plata and the Lodgoplata, both VERY effective submissions but require long lanky arms, which I don’t have. So I took a little of both of them and modified it and focused more on control than the finish from there. But instead of finishing with any of the Gogo plata variations, I transition to the hazelett or the haze leg because of the lack of defense my opponents have in those submissions. The hazelett and haze leg are straight beast slayers, so far I have not seen any legit escapes, not one. In this MTS you will see how all these giant killer positions synch up to form quite possibly the most important rubber guard path ever. If you only master just 1 rubber guard path, this is the perfect one, it’s the only path I know that works against opponents that are 20 and 30 pounds heavier than you and maybe more, and it’s PERFECT for Mma. Once in the Gogo clinch ZERO punches can be thrown. It’s the path we have been focusing heavily on at 10pHQ and the plan is to have ALL 10p Mma fighters master the Gogo clinch. Enjoy! And thank you all for the support! -Eddie

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The Great Rickson Gracie

July 23rd, 2014

Monday was THE most dreamlike days of my life. The only other day that could compare to hanging out with the legendary Rickson Gracie last Monday afternoon on Joe Rogan’s podcast was the night I hung out with and partied with my favorite singer of all time, Peter Murphy. But this was on an entirely different level. Peter Murphy is no super hero. He’s a skinny frail man who couldn’t hurt a flea. Incredible singer, the most enchanting voice ever, but he’s not a guy you would want in your clan if the earth was catapulted into a Mad Max end times existence. Rickson is a real life Conan the Barbarian, the king of strangulation and joint destruction. Rickson may not be able to sing, but no one that’s ever lived can compress a throat quite like him.

Getting to pick Rickson’s brain for 3 hours was unreal, unearthly, and without a doubt the most surreal moment in my entire Jiu Jitsu career.

I got to the studio before Joe but Rickson was already there. When I opened the front door I could see him sitting in the chair he did the podcast in. Jamie, the producer/engineer obviously let him in. As I walked in Rickson got up, we shook hands, I told him what an honor it was for me to be on the podcast with him. He congratulated me on my Metamoris match, and said that I used a good strategy in the match. I was blown away. To get props from Rickson was mind melting, I was in shock, like that little kid in that 70′s Coca Cola commercial when Mean Joe Green threw him his jersey. My eyes were like saucers.

Sitting there for 3 hours listening to him tell those old street fighting stories gave my brain the chills. This was a dream of mine ever since I began my Jiu Jitsu journey 20 years ago. I actually never thought it would actually come true, even in recent years. Rickson just seemed to yoda like, too mysterious, too out of reach, like getting to hang out with Mohammed Ali or Michael Jordan. Like that would ever happen, right? But BOOM! It happened, and all of a sudden Joe and I were having a conversation with this enigmatic martial arts icon.

And just like that 3 hours flashed by and it was over. I swear I could’ve gone 10 hours, EASILY. But it was over and it was time to go. As we were walking out of the studio into the front waiting room I thought to myself, maybe I could show him the rubber guard really quick?? Or maybe he’s in a hurry to get somewhere and he simply wouldn’t have enough time?? Fuck it I said, I’m gonna give it a shot. Getting to show Rickson what my students and I have been working on the last 10 years would be insane. I didn’t know how much time he would actually give me so I felt my pitch would have to be machine gun like, I had to make as many vital points as possible before he said, “I’d love to see more but I got to be somewhere”. So I rattled off my rubber guard speech faster than ever, like those disclaimers at the end of Nissan commercials. I was sweating, out of breath, while inside I was thinking “Is this really Rickson Graice inside my rubber guard or am I on 25 grams of Ecuadorian mushrooms?!?!” I am very confident about my Jiu Jitsu philosophy, plus I just hung out with him for 3 hours but I was still obviously a little nervous to be showing this Jiu Jitsu god some 10th Planet material. I just had to get all the rubber guard scenarios out before he left which could have been at any moment. It was like Eminem on a gallon of Cave Man coffee, no cream, black like Charlie Murphy’s anus but with no rhymes. I couldn’t help it, I just had to let him see what we’ve been working on the last 10 years, especially since he, Jean Jacques and Renzo were the catalyst to it all.

When it was all said and done, Rickson, Joe and I took some pictures and just like that, he left. Whether or not Rickson was impressed with the rubber guard, doesn’t really matter, it wasn’t about that anyways, it was about picking his brain, getting them old legendary stories straight from him, hearing his philosophies on modern Mma and listening to him break down life, honor, courage, conformity and spirituality. God bless Rickson.

BJ should continue to fight at 145

July 7th, 2014

That crazy strategy should retire not BJ.

Kill the tip toe boxing stance.

Kill the feet on hips guard.

Kill the flat on the back defensive butterfly guard.

35 is not old. He’s in amazing shape. He didn’t lose because his body is breaking down. He lost the way he did because of that strange strategy. The whole world was confused.

He should stay at 145, and fight a couple of mid level guys to get his confidence back and I truly believe, with the correct/proper training camps, he can still beat some of the best at 145.

And of course I would recommend an offensive clinching guard when on his back. Not one arm bar, Oma plata, Gogo plata, or triangle attempt by BJ. Vitor went after Jones off his back, Pettis went after Benson, Anderson went after Chael, even Tito went after Machida off his back, there’s no reason BJ can’t attack off his back.

Just my opinion, I’ve never done MMA so what do I know, I could be way off. These are just my thoughts, thank you for taking the time to read this :-)

The History Of Pot

December 10th, 2012

From sacred plant to the devils weed through good ol’ American brainwash…#photo-3852316

Sad Kermit

December 9th, 2012