MTS episode 86 “Dan Severn” is now LIVE!

March 18th, 2015

MTS 86 “Dan Severn” is now LIVE!

Hello brothers and sisters I hope all is beautiful :-)

Mastering The System is the online instructional of the unorthodox nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style, “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu” filmed at 10p Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. Episode 86 is called “Dan Severn” because that is the name of the devastating choke/crank I teach in this edition of MTS. Although UFC legend Dan Severn has never actually done the “Dan Severn”, I named it that because when Dan Severn caught Joe Charles in an RNC back in an early UFC, he was the first guy in the UFC to not figure 4 his arms for the choke, he pulled off the RNC by wrapping one arm around Joe’s neck and simply gable gripping his hands together. I gable grip my hands together in my version of the Dan Severn too but my legs are doing something way different than what Dan’s were doing and body positioning on the ground is CRUCIAL in my version as well. Watch this episode and see what I’m talking about. If your legs and body are in the right position this submission is super high percentage, higher than the traditional RNC, in my game anyways. In this episode I also go over my favorite guillotine set up, the one armed guillotine from side control. Plus a vital tweak to the guard passing drill “8 to 4″, and I added a powerful side control escape to warm up D1. Thank you very much for the support! Enjoy! -Eddie

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MTS episode 85 “Killa B part 3″

February 24th, 2015

MTS episode 85 “KILLA B part 3″

Hello brothers & sisters! I hope all is awesome in all of your lives!

Mastering The System is the online instructional of the unorthodox nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style, “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu” filmed at 10p Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. Episode 85 is all about UFC fighter Ben Saunders’ second training camp at 10pHq. His first camp, which was included in previous episodes of MTS, was all about bottom game; 3/4 rubber guard, full rubber guard plus a large part of the lockdown half game. This time around I wanted to make sure I injected the twister system into Ben’s arsenal and after 2 weeks of massive drilling, the mission was accomplished. In this episode see the drills I put Ben through, learn the crucial super detailed steps to the twister, from the back and from side control scrambles. There have been many tweaks since the release of MASTERING THE TWISTER the book and DVD, so even if you are already hitting twisters, I promise you there will be new important pieces to the game that you’ve never seen before. Bottom line, if you are interested in mastering the twister, including the most critical paths to the truck, this episode is EXTREMELY VITAL. Thank you for the support!! -Eddie

MTS episode 84 “D Day” is now LIVE!

February 2nd, 2015

MTS 84 “D Day”

Hello brothers and sisters, I hope all is beautiful with you and yours!

Mastering The System episode 84 “D Day” is now available at

Most MTS episodes are based on breaking down techniques, including the set ups of these techniques and combinations of these techniques. But some episodes consist entirely of my sparring sessions, so those dedicated to mastering the 10th Planet system can see how these techniques look and flow together in live situations. But this episode is all about LIVE drills, how I force techniques down my students throats at 10pHq using these live drills. Generally after we finish our warm ups at Hq, the lesson of the day usually consists of a part of the game I feel needs work at that particular time,
it can be anything and have nothing to do with the warm ups we just did. Except for warm ups D and H. I will get to what we always do on H days in a later episode, but in this episode I explain what I run my students thru EVERY day we hit warm ups D, “standing passing”. Every day we hit D at Hq I dedicate the entire class on special drills that will strengthen passing from open guard with an emphasis on standing passing, AND I will also show you the guard passing DEFENSE drills we do as well. On D day we focus the whole class on beating your opponents at the point of attack, the most important part of the game, the line of scrimmage, the trenches, the front line. Plus I breakdown the new tweak in warm ups C1. I replaced the kneeling M1 with the Plank M1, you don’t want to miss this one, once you go plank you never go back, trust me. Thank you very much for the support! Eddie :-)

(Mastering The System aka MTS is the official instructional series of one of the most open minded Brazilian Jiu Jitsu associations on earth, 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. Filmed on location at 10th Planet Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles)

MTS episode 83 “KILLA B part 2″ is now LIVE

December 30th, 2014

Hello brothers and sisters! I hope all yalls are having a great holiday season!

MTS 83 is now LIVE and includes a mini-doc on Ben Saunders’s 3 week training camp at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. See exactly what I put this savage thru, and witness the speed in which he picked up the 10p bottom game we’ve been focusing on for over a decade. I encourage all aspiring UFC fighters to watch this documentary produced by film maker Michael Plaster, it “could” transform your ground game in an extremely positive way. A thorough breakdown of the techniques I taught Ben are in MTS 81 “Killa B Part 1″. The techniques in this episode are as diverse as I can possibly get, from the super old school side control inverted arm bar game taught to me by my master Jean Jacques Machado to the new school crazy unorthodox donkey guard game which I use from S guard to set up the Sambo leg lock “the Russian cowboy” aka double knee bar game taught to me by Sambo master Vlad Koulikov. The combination of those 2 techniques is a clear example of 10th Planet’s commitment to basics coupled with our obsession with evolution. The 3rd and final technique in this episode revisits and polishes the invisible collar game with the focus on “the jellyfish”, one of the sneakiest transitions to spider web in the entire 10p game. Enjoy! And thank you all tremendously for the support! Eddie :-)

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MTS episode 82 “Electric Orchard” is now LIVE!!

December 7th, 2014

MTS episode 82 “Electric Orchard” is now LIVE!

Hello brothers and sisters, I hope all is beautiful in all of your lives. Mastering The System 82 is all about the new pathways that result from the mastery of the 10th Planet warm up curriculum. In case you are new to the association, we have 8 sets of warm ups, A-H, that consist of 4 Jiu Jitsu flows each. That’s 32 crucial flows that include 3 to 6 vital moves each. That’s a lot of techniques, techniques that I believe are the most important basic building blocks of nogi Jiu Jitsu, in my opinion of course. That’s over 100 techniques!! Sheesh! When these warm ups are mastered you’ll start to see them pop up in your game, over and over, one by one, over time, every one of these basic movements will be polished over and over like bag work in striking. All you gotta do is show up to class and your 10p head instructor will take care of the rest. The basics, in all sports, need consistent mit work and this is my way of insuring every soldier in the 10th Planet army is getting a healthy dose of the basics everyday they train. A MASSIVE dose, when you really think about it. The 8 sets of warm ups loop every 2 weeks, 4 a week, and every 10th Planet academy around the world is on the exact same schedule, so no matter what moon you visit the first 15 minutes of class are identical to what the Nibiru warriors at 10th Planet Headquarters are doing. We are all synched globally. Anyways, the first technique on this episode is a set up to the “clubbing butterfly” sweep which is from F4. This set up comes from 1/4 Z and has been poppin up in my game like wild fire thanks to the warm ups. Professional, sticky butterflies are required to pull this one off, that’s why the F warm ups are dedicated entirely to butterfly guard. Butterfly guard is not only a vital guard in itself but it also connects all the other guards together. Having polished butterflies is HUGE. The second technique I go over comes off a failed straight ankle, just like the one from warm up B1. Anytime you run into a guy that won’t tap to your straight ankle lock, it’s a gay ankle lock, but it’s a beautiful thing to know that you can at least attempt to pass his guard based on the position of your legs. It’s called the “ankle lock leg drag”. You can even jump on a gay ankle lock just to set up this pass, especially if you’re having mad trouble passing. It’s very similar, in strategy, to Marcelo’s single legged X sweep and pass except you’re starting on top. The last technique I teach is from prison guard. This is the new way I’ve been getting to spider web from when you can’t get out of 6’oclock (flat on your back with head and arm clinch), you can’t get to homie control which puts your head and body at 7:30. If you get stuck at 6o’clock there is a new way to get to spider web now and it’s from the threat of an inverted arm bar. You are gonna love this one. It’s very technical but if you got a smooth swim move in your bag of tricks, it shouldn’t take too long inject it into your prison guard arsenal. Master this transition and your prison guard will be WAY more threatening. There’s also lots of dead orchards in this episode, including EBI lightweight champion Denny Prokopos set up, oh and Ruben’s set up is in there too, from 10th Planet Santa Fe. Plus a brand new highlight reel from the master of the dead orchard himself Nathan Orchard. Plus I included the new insane electric chair highlight reel featuring Grace Gundrum, Garry Tonon, Rob Bradley, Zach Maslany, JM Holland, Jorge “Macaco” Patino’s MMA electric chair plus more. Thank you for the support and keep pushing forward! Eddie :-)

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Metamoris and draws

November 26th, 2014

Why do some people hate draws so much?

Jake Shields vs Roberto Satoshi was “technically” a draw but everyone knows Jake beat him, even Satoshi admitted it in the post fight interview. What’s there to be mad about again? It was clear Jake won, we all know who is better, who cares where they decide to type in “draw” on whatever database they use to keep track of grapplers records. From what everyone saw in that match, we know who has better nogi Jiu Jitsu, it was crazy clear who won.

Now if a match is not as clear as Jake’s match then fuck it, it’s a draw, so what. Why would people be mad because a match got declared a draw? Especially if it could’ve gone either way.

I should hate draws more than anyone, I clearly beat Royler yet technically it was declared a draw. I’m not pissed AT ALL. Why? Because the world knows I won and that’s all that matters to me, I don’t care what it says in this holy database that BJJ fans live by.

If a fight is too close to call, if a fight could’ve gone either way, it SHOULD be a draw, Mma fights included.

Fights won by advantages are the grossest fights ever. A draw like Jake’s fight crushes every single match won by an advantage ever, especially fights that end 0-0.

If you need a winner so bad then go watch EBI or something :-)

MTS episode 81 “Killa B” is now LIVE!

November 13th, 2014

MTS 81 “Killa B”

Hello brothers and sisters! I hope all is incredible!

Mastering The System episode 81 is now LIVE! This one is all about UFC star Ben “Killa B” Saunders and his 2 weeks at 10th Planet HQ. As many of you already know, Ben is the first fighter to pull off an Oma plata submission in UFC history, and he utilized the rubber guard to set it up. Ben is also a Ricardo Liborio black belt which means not only is his Jiu Jitsu high level, but it also means that he has a true open mind, and he has completely opened his mind to the 10th Planet system, particularly the rubber guard. Everything you see in this episode is what every Mma fighter interested in learning the rubber guard should master. It’s not the entire system, it’s just what I feel is THE most important pieces of the guard Mexicans call La Guarda Elastica. I break down the most crucial path into 4 chunks, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi and the most vital piece of the puzzle, Episode 1, where this path all came from, where it all begins, which is also known as the “Pre Stomp” position. Ben’s flexibility is off the charts, his legs are insanely long and like I said earlier, he’s already a seasoned black belt so he’s picking up the system crazy fast. He’s already all over the long legged rubber guard submission called the “dead orchard” so he “might” end up having the most dangerous guard in the UFC when it’s all said and done. All these techniques were shot on location at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

Thank you all very much for the support and enjoy! Eddie :-)

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Mastering The System ep. 80 “Z-SHOOT-PULL” is now LIVE!

October 24th, 2014

MTS episode 80 “Z-SHOOT-PULL”

Hello brothers and sisters and thank you again for supporting the 10th Planet movement. I hope all is amazing in all of your lives.

Mastering The System 80 is now live, just click “techniques” on

In this episode I cover shooting to perfect double unders from Z guard. Z guard is a position that is too dangerous to be in for a long time in MMA which is why 10th Planet has never been heavy on Z and all it’s variations. But now with the rise of the subonly game, getting deep into Z guard has become important. But the Z-SHOOT-PULL drill is crucial in MMA because it’s all about getting out of Z and into perfect double unders which will protect your face. The PULL part is VITAL in transitioning to dogfight. The PULL takes all the weight off your legs so it’s easy to switch your legs, the PULL forces him to use his striking hand to base or he will face plant, if he’s basing he isn’t punching, plus the PULL makes him base and bring his weight back which is perfect for you to hitch a ride back up to dogfight with him doing all the work and without you needing to unlock those perfect DU’s to base your hand on the mat to get up to dogfight which will open you up to getting guillotined or darced. So the bottom line is that the PULL is MASSIVE in all these transitions I show in this episode. I take you to the half and half sweep from dogfight, I take you to rubber guard from dogfight, and I also take you to spider web from dogfight which comes from getting into homie control. Yes, from dogfight, you can get into Gogo platas AND Prison Guard. Watch this episode and learn how. All these techniques were shot on location at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

Thank you for the support! Eddie :-)

MTS episode 79 “Broke Back Mount” is now LIVE!

October 13th, 2014

MTS episode 79 “Broke Back Mount”

Hello brothers and sisters! I hope all is outstanding!
Mastering The System 79 “Broke Back Mount” is now LIVE! This one is all about the path to the monkey mount aka mono mount aka rubber mount off a Gogo clinch that is falling apart. In the last 2 episodes we got deeply into the spider web of the rubber guard, the Gogo clinch. Although some of the options off the Gogo clinch are physically impossible in mount, like the hazelett, haze-leg and death from below, other rubber guard submissions are WAY easier from the monkey mount like the straight jacket, Special K, the Gogo plata and loco platas. Plus in the mount you also have the mono plata as well, plus the transition to spider is right at your finger tips too. Also in this episode, 10p Rochester leg lock master Scott Yockel goes deep into submission options off the ham sandwhich plus amazing competition footage from our amazing little rubber guards queens Cora Sek and Grace Gundrum. So sit back, grab a pencil and paper and take some notes, you’re gonna love this one. All these techniques were shot on location at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

Thank you for the support! Enjoy! :-)

MTS episode 78 is LIVE!

September 9th, 2014

MTS 78 is now LIVE!

Mastering The System episode 78 is now ready for study. Episode 77 was all about the path to the Gogo clinch. It is a super crucial episode for those of you on a quest to master the rubber guard. Go back and study that one before diving into this one if you havnt already because a large part of this episode is about polishing the Gogo clinch and I also go over a different submission option off the Gogo clinch, “death from below” which is a perfect position to land elbows from the bottom, and the submission from there is just as deadly. And for the first time in MTS history I introduce a part of the leg lock game that I recently got addicted to, the honey hole also known as the saddle and 411. This is a part the heel hook game that I was first exposed to by 10p black belt Shigeki Matsuda, but I ignored it because I was too afraid to play footsies. Then years later after Denny Prokopos dove into the leg lock game, he tried to get me into the honey hole then, but again it seemed to dangerous to me. It wasn’t until 5 years later, when Garry Tonon submitted Richie Martinez and Nathan Orchard from this position in competition that I finally realized how awesome the position is. Orchard broke it down to me beautifully and a seminar of his and I finally fell in love with it. The honey hole system is vast and I only touched on a couple set ups but it’s an MTS segment that will probably ignite your fire for the leg lock game if you’ve been avoiding it like I was. Plus I also go over Dean Lister’s favorite honey hole escape. If you’re still not interested in the honey hole after watching this episode you better at least master the escape, trust me, this escape is pure gold. Thank you for the support! Enjoy :-)