MTS episode 93 “Reverse Alcatraz” is now LIVE!

August 31st, 2015

MTS episode 93 “Reverse Alcatraz” is now LIVE!

Hello brothers and sisters I hope all is beautiful 🙂

Mastering The System is the online instructional series of the unorthodox nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style, “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu” filmed on location at 10p HeadQuarters in downtown Los Angeles. A few weeks ago I was rolling with a student of mine, and when I mounted him he kept throwing in an unorthodox butterfly hook that felt very strange, something I never felt before, I was a little confused on how to address it because I never felt it before. “What the hell is he doing?” I said to myself in a frustrated fashion. “Wtf?!?” I continued. “Is this a mini stomp i’m dealing with?” “Wtf?”. But it couldn’t be; A mini stomp is executed with the outside butterfly hook; and he’s using his inside hook, plus I’m mother f’ing mounting him!! This can’t be a mini stomp! But what the hell is he doing?!? Whatever it is I’m gonna get on this asap and start using it because its throwin a huge monkey wrench into my mount attacks, and I love dismantling my opponent’s game when they mount me. But then I thought about it for a second and realized I was just experiencing a major case of brain flatulence; He was actually just reverse alcatrazzing me. He was using my favorite mount escape against me. The reason it felt so foreign to me was because very few of my students have mastered it to the point that it’s in their DNA, and ready to fire from their fortress of defensive tricks. “Reverse Alcatraz” was born during my Metamoris training camp, a camp that included a daily dose of 60 minute shark tanks. Jean Jacques would line up 5 to 8 killers and they would all wait in line to jump in on me at 5 minute intervals, all starting on my back, in side control or in the mount. I got crushed hard, especially early in the camp. Within 15 minutes of this hour of death I would be completely spent, gasping for air, and on the verge of vomitization. The reverse Alcatraz became my go2 in rapid fashion when being mounted because it required the least amount of energy as my way to escape. If you know the “regular” Alcatraz well you will quickly figure out why I call it reverse Alcatraz. It really is just a first cousin of the original and works best in combination with it. No move works 100% of the time, especially escapes, but when you toggle back and forth between these 2 mount escapes you might find that you can rely on them consistently, specifically when you don’t have the energy for the traditional hip escape mount defenses, which are also super vital but they do require a certain amount of gas to execute properly that you might not have at the moment. In this episode of MTS, I break down “reverse Alcatraz” to the bone and show you drills that will put this into your bloodstream immediately so that your ass can be saved the next time you’re stuck with some dude mounting you. Enjoy! -Eddie

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MTS episode 92 “Live Drills 1” is now LIVE

August 12th, 2015

MTS episode 92 “Live Drills1” is now LIVE!

Hello brothers and sisters I hope all is beautiful 🙂

Mastering The System is the online instructional series Most MTS episodes are all about breaking down Jiu Jitsu techniques to the core including the set ups, mind sets, philosophies and strategies. Once all of this is understood, drilling aka putting in reps aka piling on numbers becomes the primary focus, all with about 75% resistance from your training partners.

In this episode I will show you exactly how we take the mastery of these techniques to the next level with the incorporation of live drills. I will show you how we quickly infuse techniques directly into our games at HQ. Live drills are a CRUCIAL part of the learning process, they are drills where your partner is resisting 100%.

At HQ, we are heavy on pressure passing and very often do live drills with the chest pass, the fly over pass and the flip over pass. I will show you exactly where to start these live drills and of course I break down all the pieces of these vital passes as well.

I also created a live drill for the electric chair that will take your lockdown game to another dimension. The electric chair has been proven over and over and time and time again in competition, it’s a fantastic sweep to ad to your arsenal and in this episode I will show you the fastest and most efficient way to make that happen.

At HQ we also spend a lot of time on perfecting finishing fights and that means live dead zone drills. In this edition of MTS we go over the honey hole live drill and the truck live drill as well. Two dead zones that are a staple in the 10th Planet system, two spots where the end is near, and 2 positions that a lot of time must be devoted to.

In this episode I also update warm up B1, which was a simple ankle lock flow but has now become 2 intricate leg lock flows that have recently made a gigantic difference in the overall leg lock game at HQ. So grab a pencil, take mad notes, and practice practice practice, thank you for your support! -Eddie 🙂

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MTS episodes 90 & 91 are now LIVE!

July 11th, 2015

MTS episode 90 “X Guard To DOA” and MTS 91 “2 On 1 COP Clinch” are now LIVE!

Hello brothers and sisters I hope all is beautiful 🙂

Mastering The System is the online instructional series of the unorthodox nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style, “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu” filmed on location at 10p HeadQuarters in downtown Los Angeles. These 2 episodes are packed with crucial nogi techniques with episode 90 getting wicked with leg locks including the transition from X Guard to double outside ashi aka DOA with emphasis on the distinction between the 3 major leg positions when finishing DOA. If you’ve been paying attention to the evolution of the system it should be no surprise that I committed yet another MTS episode to taking the leg lock game to the highest possible levels in rapid fashion. Although episode 91 gets super deep and detailed into finishing from spider web, the main focus of this episode is my new set up to the COP sweep. The 10p association has dove into the 2 on 1 game Marcelo plays so deep that it made it into the 10p warm up system, so we’ve been hitting it consistently and will continue to do so. It takes time to develop a strong 2 on 1 grip from butterfly guard but once you get to the point where you can control your opponent’s arm for 1 to 2 seconds at a pop you will begin to set up the sweeps that are available to you from this powerful position in live rolling. I will break down how I get into the COP sweep off the 2 On 1 grip. This is probably my highest percentage sweep right now, right up there with the electric chair. Commit to mastering this sweep and I promise you will be sweeping people you thought were un-sweepable. Enjoy and thank you once again for your dedication to the 10th Planet system! -Eddie 🙂

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MTS episode 89 “1/4 Ashi” is now LIVE!

May 30th, 2015

Hello brothers and sisters I hope all is beautiful 🙂

Mastering The System is the online instructional series of the unorthodox nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style, “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu” filmed on location at 10p HeadQuarters in downtown Los Angeles. If you watched the last episode of MTS you know that I’m on a quest to take 10p’s leg lock game to the highest possible level. I’m taking everything I learned from leg lock specialists Erik Paulson, Manny Gamburyan, Max Bishop, Karen Darabedyan, Alan Belcher, Dean Lister and also from my very own 10th Planet in-house leg lock experts like Chris Herzog, Eric Ramey, Victor Webster, Scott Ross, Gerald Strebendt, Shigeki Matsuda, Denny Prokopos, Lauri Karpinnen, Adlai Cleveland, Sean Applegate, Drew Ash plus so many others and of course Nathan Orchard who introduced me to the elite leg lock system that John Danaher created and passed on to students Garry Tonon and Eddie Cummings who are currently wrecking the grappling scene with heel hooks. In this episode I get into using Single Legged X, which is a crucial piece of the leg lock game, it’s an absolute must-learn. I also go over the mini stomp’s transition into the leg game, 1/4 Ashi, which is closely related to Single Legged X. I breakdown what I feel are the 3 main ingredients in the Ashi game and get into a set up, Ashi Dive, which is all about grabbing all 3 ingredients at virtually the same time. In the next episode of MTS I will go even deeper into Danaher’s heel hook system by including one of Cummings favorites set ups from X guard to double outside Ashi. This one is fast becoming one of my favorite techniques. Also in this episode I give the entire 10p association a thorough tune-up on warm ups D “Standing Passes” and E “1/4 Guard”, two of the most technical sets of warm ups. If you are a member of a 10p school, this is a mandatory episode to watch and study, you don’t want to miss this one. Thank you all very much for the support! Enjoy -Eddie

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MTS episode 88 “Leg Locks” is now LIVE!

May 11th, 2015

MTS episode 88 “Leg Locks”

Hello brothers and sisters I hope all is beautiful 🙂

Mastering The System is the online instructional series of the unorthodox nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style, “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu” filmed at 10p Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. Episode 88 is all about getting heavy with leg locks, extra heavy. Since day 1 of the association, leg locks have always been part of the system, but 10p overall as a system, hasn’t been “heavy” on them, and I personally wasn’t going to them as my first option unless you’re talking about leg compressions, like the calf crank from the truck and the vaporizer. However I always had heel hook fiends as students even as far back as 2003, when 10p was born. Gerald Strebendt and Shigeki Matsuda, both 10p black belts, have always been into leg locks, heavily. But I personally didn’t want to dive in 100% back then, I wanted to set a good upper body clinching example for my Mma students, so I stayed away from heel hooks myself. I felt they were too dangerous in MMA to be the first option. But now, with the rise of the subonly game, I am extremely motivated to get heel hook heavy for myself personally and for the entire 10p association as well. 10th Planet soldiers Denny Prokopos, Chris Herzog, Victor Webster, Eric Ramey, Scott Ross and Nathan Orchard have all been instrumental in the evolution of my leg lock game especially Orchard who finally fully opened my eyes about 10 months ago. Since then I have been studying the leg game like a medical student and passing on all the knowledge to my students at Hq. Now anyone preparing to go against a 10th Planet fighter will not only have to break down the defense to the rubber guard, the twister, and the lockdown game, but now they will also have to prepare themselves for an assault on their legs a well. Thank you for the support and enjoy the episode! -Eddie 🙂

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MTS episode 86 “Dan Severn” is now LIVE!

March 18th, 2015

MTS 86 “Dan Severn” is now LIVE!

Hello brothers and sisters I hope all is beautiful 🙂

Mastering The System is the online instructional of the unorthodox nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style, “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu” filmed at 10p Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. Episode 86 is called “Dan Severn” because that is the name of the devastating choke/crank I teach in this edition of MTS. Although UFC legend Dan Severn has never actually done the “Dan Severn”, I named it that because when Dan Severn caught Joe Charles in an RNC back in an early UFC, he was the first guy in the UFC to not figure 4 his arms for the choke, he pulled off the RNC by wrapping one arm around Joe’s neck and simply gable gripping his hands together. I gable grip my hands together in my version of the Dan Severn too but my legs are doing something way different than what Dan’s were doing and body positioning on the ground is CRUCIAL in my version as well. Watch this episode and see what I’m talking about. If your legs and body are in the right position this submission is super high percentage, higher than the traditional RNC, in my game anyways. In this episode I also go over my favorite guillotine set up, the one armed guillotine from side control. Plus a vital tweak to the guard passing drill “8 to 4”, and I added a powerful side control escape to warm up D1. Thank you very much for the support! Enjoy! -Eddie

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MTS episode 85 “Killa B part 3”

February 24th, 2015

MTS episode 85 “KILLA B part 3”

Hello brothers & sisters! I hope all is awesome in all of your lives!

Mastering The System is the online instructional of the unorthodox nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style, “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu” filmed at 10p Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. Episode 85 is all about UFC fighter Ben Saunders’ second training camp at 10pHq. His first camp, which was included in previous episodes of MTS, was all about bottom game; 3/4 rubber guard, full rubber guard plus a large part of the lockdown half game. This time around I wanted to make sure I injected the twister system into Ben’s arsenal and after 2 weeks of massive drilling, the mission was accomplished. In this episode see the drills I put Ben through, learn the crucial super detailed steps to the twister, from the back and from side control scrambles. There have been many tweaks since the release of MASTERING THE TWISTER the book and DVD, so even if you are already hitting twisters, I promise you there will be new important pieces to the game that you’ve never seen before. Bottom line, if you are interested in mastering the twister, including the most critical paths to the truck, this episode is EXTREMELY VITAL. Thank you for the support!! -Eddie

MTS episode 84 “D Day” is now LIVE!

February 2nd, 2015

MTS 84 “D Day”

Hello brothers and sisters, I hope all is beautiful with you and yours!

Mastering The System episode 84 “D Day” is now available at

Most MTS episodes are based on breaking down techniques, including the set ups of these techniques and combinations of these techniques. But some episodes consist entirely of my sparring sessions, so those dedicated to mastering the 10th Planet system can see how these techniques look and flow together in live situations. But this episode is all about LIVE drills, how I force techniques down my students throats at 10pHq using these live drills. Generally after we finish our warm ups at Hq, the lesson of the day usually consists of a part of the game I feel needs work at that particular time,
it can be anything and have nothing to do with the warm ups we just did. Except for warm ups D and H. I will get to what we always do on H days in a later episode, but in this episode I explain what I run my students thru EVERY day we hit warm ups D, “standing passing”. Every day we hit D at Hq I dedicate the entire class on special drills that will strengthen passing from open guard with an emphasis on standing passing, AND I will also show you the guard passing DEFENSE drills we do as well. On D day we focus the whole class on beating your opponents at the point of attack, the most important part of the game, the line of scrimmage, the trenches, the front line. Plus I breakdown the new tweak in warm ups C1. I replaced the kneeling M1 with the Plank M1, you don’t want to miss this one, once you go plank you never go back, trust me. Thank you very much for the support! Eddie 🙂

(Mastering The System aka MTS is the official instructional series of one of the most open minded Brazilian Jiu Jitsu associations on earth, 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. Filmed on location at 10th Planet Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles)

MTS episode 83 “KILLA B part 2” is now LIVE

December 30th, 2014

Hello brothers and sisters! I hope all yalls are having a great holiday season!

MTS 83 is now LIVE and includes a mini-doc on Ben Saunders’s 3 week training camp at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. See exactly what I put this savage thru, and witness the speed in which he picked up the 10p bottom game we’ve been focusing on for over a decade. I encourage all aspiring UFC fighters to watch this documentary produced by film maker Michael Plaster, it “could” transform your ground game in an extremely positive way. A thorough breakdown of the techniques I taught Ben are in MTS 81 “Killa B Part 1”. The techniques in this episode are as diverse as I can possibly get, from the super old school side control inverted arm bar game taught to me by my master Jean Jacques Machado to the new school crazy unorthodox donkey guard game which I use from S guard to set up the Sambo leg lock “the Russian cowboy” aka double knee bar game taught to me by Sambo master Vlad Koulikov. The combination of those 2 techniques is a clear example of 10th Planet’s commitment to basics coupled with our obsession with evolution. The 3rd and final technique in this episode revisits and polishes the invisible collar game with the focus on “the jellyfish”, one of the sneakiest transitions to spider web in the entire 10p game. Enjoy! And thank you all tremendously for the support! Eddie 🙂

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MTS episode 82 “Electric Orchard” is now LIVE!!

December 7th, 2014

MTS episode 82 “Electric Orchard” is now LIVE!

Hello brothers and sisters, I hope all is beautiful in all of your lives. Mastering The System 82 is all about the new pathways that result from the mastery of the 10th Planet warm up curriculum. In case you are new to the association, we have 8 sets of warm ups, A-H, that consist of 4 Jiu Jitsu flows each. That’s 32 crucial flows that include 3 to 6 vital moves each. That’s a lot of techniques, techniques that I believe are the most important basic building blocks of nogi Jiu Jitsu, in my opinion of course. That’s over 100 techniques!! Sheesh! When these warm ups are mastered you’ll start to see them pop up in your game, over and over, one by one, over time, every one of these basic movements will be polished over and over like bag work in striking. All you gotta do is show up to class and your 10p head instructor will take care of the rest. The basics, in all sports, need consistent mit work and this is my way of insuring every soldier in the 10th Planet army is getting a healthy dose of the basics everyday they train. A MASSIVE dose, when you really think about it. The 8 sets of warm ups loop every 2 weeks, 4 a week, and every 10th Planet academy around the world is on the exact same schedule, so no matter what moon you visit the first 15 minutes of class are identical to what the Nibiru warriors at 10th Planet Headquarters are doing. We are all synched globally. Anyways, the first technique on this episode is a set up to the “clubbing butterfly” sweep which is from F4. This set up comes from 1/4 Z and has been poppin up in my game like wild fire thanks to the warm ups. Professional, sticky butterflies are required to pull this one off, that’s why the F warm ups are dedicated entirely to butterfly guard. Butterfly guard is not only a vital guard in itself but it also connects all the other guards together. Having polished butterflies is HUGE. The second technique I go over comes off a failed straight ankle, just like the one from warm up B1. Anytime you run into a guy that won’t tap to your straight ankle lock, it’s a gay ankle lock, but it’s a beautiful thing to know that you can at least attempt to pass his guard based on the position of your legs. It’s called the “ankle lock leg drag”. You can even jump on a gay ankle lock just to set up this pass, especially if you’re having mad trouble passing. It’s very similar, in strategy, to Marcelo’s single legged X sweep and pass except you’re starting on top. The last technique I teach is from prison guard. This is the new way I’ve been getting to spider web from when you can’t get out of 6’oclock (flat on your back with head and arm clinch), you can’t get to homie control which puts your head and body at 7:30. If you get stuck at 6o’clock there is a new way to get to spider web now and it’s from the threat of an inverted arm bar. You are gonna love this one. It’s very technical but if you got a smooth swim move in your bag of tricks, it shouldn’t take too long inject it into your prison guard arsenal. Master this transition and your prison guard will be WAY more threatening. There’s also lots of dead orchards in this episode, including EBI lightweight champion Denny Prokopos set up, oh and Ruben’s set up is in there too, from 10th Planet Santa Fe. Plus a brand new highlight reel from the master of the dead orchard himself Nathan Orchard. Plus I included the new insane electric chair highlight reel featuring Grace Gundrum, Garry Tonon, Rob Bradley, Zach Maslany, JM Holland, Jorge “Macaco” Patino’s MMA electric chair plus more. Thank you for the support and keep pushing forward! Eddie 🙂

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