Hello brothers and sisters! I hope all yalls are having a great holiday season!

MTS 83 is now LIVE and includes a mini-doc on Ben Saunders’s 3 week training camp at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. See exactly what I put this savage thru, and witness the speed in which he picked up the 10p bottom game we’ve been focusing on for over a decade. I encourage all aspiring UFC fighters to watch this documentary produced by film maker Michael Plaster, it “could” transform your ground game in an extremely positive way. A thorough breakdown of the techniques I taught Ben are in MTS 81 “Killa B Part 1”. The techniques in this episode are as diverse as I can possibly get, from the super old school side control inverted arm bar game taught to me by my master Jean Jacques Machado to the new school crazy unorthodox donkey guard game which I use from S guard to set up the Sambo leg lock “the Russian cowboy” aka double knee bar game taught to me by Sambo master Vlad Koulikov. The combination of those 2 techniques is a clear example of 10th Planet’s commitment to basics coupled with our obsession with evolution. The 3rd and final technique in this episode revisits and polishes the invisible collar game with the focus on “the jellyfish”, one of the sneakiest transitions to spider web in the entire 10p game. Enjoy! And thank you all tremendously for the support! Eddie 🙂

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