MTS episode 82 “Electric Orchard” is now LIVE!

Hello brothers and sisters, I hope all is beautiful in all of your lives. Mastering The System 82 is all about the new pathways that result from the mastery of the 10th Planet warm up curriculum. In case you are new to the association, we have 8 sets of warm ups, A-H, that consist of 4 Jiu Jitsu flows each. That’s 32 crucial flows that include 3 to 6 vital moves each. That’s a lot of techniques, techniques that I believe are the most important basic building blocks of nogi Jiu Jitsu, in my opinion of course. That’s over 100 techniques!! Sheesh! When these warm ups are mastered you’ll start to see them pop up in your game, over and over, one by one, over time, every one of these basic movements will be polished over and over like bag work in striking. All you gotta do is show up to class and your 10p head instructor will take care of the rest. The basics, in all sports, need consistent mit work and this is my way of insuring every soldier in the 10th Planet army is getting a healthy dose of the basics everyday they train. A MASSIVE dose, when you really think about it. The 8 sets of warm ups loop every 2 weeks, 4 a week, and every 10th Planet academy around the world is on the exact same schedule, so no matter what moon you visit the first 15 minutes of class are identical to what the Nibiru warriors at 10th Planet Headquarters are doing. We are all synched globally. Anyways, the first technique on this episode is a set up to the “clubbing butterfly” sweep which is from F4. This set up comes from 1/4 Z and has been poppin up in my game like wild fire thanks to the warm ups. Professional, sticky butterflies are required to pull this one off, that’s why the F warm ups are dedicated entirely to butterfly guard. Butterfly guard is not only a vital guard in itself but it also connects all the other guards together. Having polished butterflies is HUGE. The second technique I go over comes off a failed straight ankle, just like the one from warm up B1. Anytime you run into a guy that won’t tap to your straight ankle lock, it’s a gay ankle lock, but it’s a beautiful thing to know that you can at least attempt to pass his guard based on the position of your legs. It’s called the “ankle lock leg drag”. You can even jump on a gay ankle lock just to set up this pass, especially if you’re having mad trouble passing. It’s very similar, in strategy, to Marcelo’s single legged X sweep and pass except you’re starting on top. The last technique I teach is from prison guard. This is the new way I’ve been getting to spider web from when you can’t get out of 6’oclock (flat on your back with head and arm clinch), you can’t get to homie control which puts your head and body at 7:30. If you get stuck at 6o’clock there is a new way to get to spider web now and it’s from the threat of an inverted arm bar. You are gonna love this one. It’s very technical but if you got a smooth swim move in your bag of tricks, it shouldn’t take too long inject it into your prison guard arsenal. Master this transition and your prison guard will be WAY more threatening. There’s also lots of dead orchards in this episode, including EBI lightweight champion Denny Prokopos set up, oh and Ruben’s set up is in there too, from 10th Planet Santa Fe. Plus a brand new highlight reel from the master of the dead orchard himself Nathan Orchard. Plus I included the new insane electric chair highlight reel featuring Grace Gundrum, Garry Tonon, Rob Bradley, Zach Maslany, JM Holland, Jorge “Macaco” Patino’s MMA electric chair plus more. Thank you for the support and keep pushing forward! Eddie 🙂

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