MTS episode 80 “Z-SHOOT-PULL”

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In this episode I cover shooting to perfect double unders from Z guard. Z guard is a position that is too dangerous to be in for a long time in MMA which is why 10th Planet has never been heavy on Z and all it’s variations. But now with the rise of the subonly game, getting deep into Z guard has become important. But the Z-SHOOT-PULL drill is crucial in MMA because it’s all about getting out of Z and into perfect double unders which will protect your face. The PULL part is VITAL in transitioning to dogfight. The PULL takes all the weight off your legs so it’s easy to switch your legs, the PULL forces him to use his striking hand to base or he will face plant, if he’s basing he isn’t punching, plus the PULL makes him base and bring his weight back which is perfect for you to hitch a ride back up to dogfight with him doing all the work and without you needing to unlock those perfect DU’s to base your hand on the mat to get up to dogfight which will open you up to getting guillotined or darced. So the bottom line is that the PULL is MASSIVE in all these transitions I show in this episode. I take you to the half and half sweep from dogfight, I take you to rubber guard from dogfight, and I also take you to spider web from dogfight which comes from getting into homie control. Yes, from dogfight, you can get into Gogo platas AND Prison Guard. Watch this episode and learn how. All these techniques were shot on location at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

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