Mastering The System episode 77 is now live. This is one of the most
important episodes in MTS history. I take you from the dangerous spot, being caught on the bottom in half guard without an underhook to the cocoon, where things begin to look better, all the way to the spider web of the rubber guard, the Gogo clinch, to the quite possibly THE best guard submissions in the game, the hazelett and the haze leg. The Gogo clinch has become my main goal from the bottom because it is the best control position for larger, beastlier opponents when playing rubber guard. I personally have not found a better control position for giants than the Gogo clinch. It’s a variation of the Frodo plata and the Lodgoplata, both VERY effective submissions but require long lanky arms, which I don’t have. So I took a little of both of them and modified it and focused more on control than the finish from there. But instead of finishing with any of the Gogo plata variations, I transition to the hazelett or the haze leg because of the lack of defense my opponents have in those submissions. The hazelett and haze leg are straight beast slayers, so far I have not seen any legit escapes, not one. In this MTS you will see how all these giant killer positions synch up to form quite possibly the most important rubber guard path ever. If you only master just 1 rubber guard path, this is the perfect one, it’s the only path I know that works against opponents that are 20 and 30 pounds heavier than you and maybe more, and it’s PERFECT for Mma. Once in the Gogo clinch ZERO punches can be thrown. It’s the path we have been focusing heavily on at 10pHQ and the plan is to have ALL 10p Mma fighters master the Gogo clinch. Enjoy! And thank you all for the support! -Eddie

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