If cristiano fought Justin again in one month should he stand with him again and look for an opening to shoot like he did last night?

Or should he shoot deep and pull guard like Paul Sass does?

In my opinion, I think if they fought 10 times in the next 2 years, he still wouldn’t be able to stand with Justin and he still wouldn’t be able to take him down, IMO cristiano’s only hope is the Paul Sass solution, pull guard and attack from the bottom. Same thing goes if he fought Bendo, Maynard, Edgar, pettis, jim miller, Dunham. He would have to Sass all of them.

Cristiano isn’t the only fighter that has to seriously consider the Sass solution. Unless they have amazing striking, most Brazilian bjj’ers, are gonna have the to consider the Sass solution, there’s just too many damn wrestlers flooding into the UFC 🙂