If cristiano fought Justin again in one month should he stand with him again and look for an opening to shoot like he did last night?

Or should he shoot deep and pull guard like Paul Sass does?

In my opinion, I think if they fought 10 times in the next 2 years, he still wouldn’t be able to stand with Justin and he still wouldn’t be able to take him down, IMO cristiano’s only hope is the Paul Sass solution, pull guard and attack from the bottom. Same thing goes if he fought Bendo, Maynard, Edgar, pettis, jim miller, Dunham. He would have to Sass all of them.

Cristiano isn’t the only fighter that has to seriously consider the Sass solution. Unless they have amazing striking, most Brazilian bjj’ers, are gonna have the to consider the Sass solution, there’s just too many damn wrestlers flooding into the UFC 🙂

  • K Georgeaf

    I’m disappointed that he was coached to try and keep it standing. If you know you’re game is best on the ground, then you should probably not try to scrap standing up. Too many people are trying to game plan instead of just going out there and doing what they do best.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Eddie,

    my name is Reid. I am located just outside Vancouver Canada and I am signed up here under Reid166. Firstly I am not the most knowledgeable person about martial arts but have a little experience with Karate, Boxing and Jiu-Jitsu(maybe 4years combined). So obviously I don’t have much experience but I wanted to share my thoughts on that fight.

    So having watched this fight I couldn’t but think the same thing as K Georgaef. Why did the coaches tell him to stand when his strength is supposed to be Jiu-Jitsu? I was thinking this before the fight happened… I understand that it is a strategy meant to counter your opponent but if this is the case why not stand for a short term say  2 – 2.5 minutes. Then evaluate. Ask your self how things are going? If the standup is very successful perhaps continue with this initial strategy but if not then play to your strengths which is this case should have been Jiu-Jitsu, pulling guard etc…

    By the way I really enjoy listening to you and Joe on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Also, are you coming up to Vancouver anytime?

    Take care,


    • Kid22

      Wrestling is simply more effective than BJJ

  • Lkgg7

    I think he should pull guard. I also think we need to find a nice leg lock or knee-bar attempt-to- takedown from holding on to a single-leg takedown.  I see people holding on to a single leg and never getting the takedown. Joe Stevenson did some cool looking move from the single leg when he went against Diaz. I think we need a new move from the single leg….

  • Herrera 1987

    yeah terrible call standing. my opionin was he was trying to prove he was well rounded in mma. just like brock lesnar tryin to stand with overeem, velasquez, and carwin. stick to what ya know. but then again i dont know shit

  • Jan Banan

    @Kid22?? Yeah I do respect as well as accept your opinion, we all should do that to one another all the time no matter what. With that being said, this is my opinion: I think BJJ is more effective once on the ground fighting but I see wrestling to be a step up when talking take downs and most likely also when defending take downs. Just like Muay Thai is effective in clinch, Karate (some stiles at least) when throwing a “masked” kick to not give it away to soon letting your opponent block it, “Machida style”. Best of all would be (again imho) to start out as a young mixed martial artist to also get the transitions to match your martial art skills along with fast thinking/no thinking at all but just react and all other possible aspects of the game? However, I´m not gonna try to be a mr knowitall here cause I´m just another normal guy out there and not even as trained in martial arts like many of you are… So sorry for the off topic guys, won´t repeat it I promise. Regarding Marcelo and what he should have done as topic says I´m in agreement with the majority around here, he shoulda done a Sass imo! The stand up coaching is just weird when lacking the necessary skills for that race?? But we do know the BJJ is world class so try to take advantage of it. or get very well rounded which cannot be an easy thing to do with so many monsters in MMA of today?

  • zeus

    i think wrestling isnt really any more effective than bjj, but it does give the wrestler a choose of were the fight will take place bjj dont have the abilty to transition from standing to the ground as easily as wrestlers do, but, i think in a real fight bjb’s win 9 times out of 10 in mma wrestlers have the advantage, because of how fights are scored and the time restraint the worst thing about mma is when a wrestler just lays on top of someone and just appears to hug them for 5 mins each round, i mean in the real world how long could you really hug sum one without getting arressted for sexual assault rant over think i got my point across

  • http://twitter.com/Cody_Tachauer Cody

    I want to see a rematch, Cristiano Marcelo is soo much better then that he should have pulled guard Marcelo dominates on the guard of course his stand up wasn’t going to be excellent he is a Jiu-Jitsu fighter i blame bad coaching for telling him to stand.