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MTS 201 Prison Guard Breakdown

MTS 201 Prison Guard Breakdown Warmups A Grandbys Play Video

MTS 200 Lockdown Strategies

MTS 200 Lockdown Strategies Play Video

MTS 199 Grace’s Twister

MTS 199 Grace's Twister Play Video

10th Planet Krasnodar, Russia

10th Planet Krasnodar Oktyabr’skaya Ulitsa, 70 Krasnodar, Krasnodarskiy kray, Russia Phone: +79189770119, +79181577877 Instagram: @10thplanet_krasnodar VK – Nikita Morozov Born and raised in Krasnodar. Began his career in martial arts from Sambo classes in high school. After seeing highlights of ADCC 2011 he got inspired to practice BJJ only. Since BJJ in Russia was […]