• Ramy BC

    Eddie, you have been awesome lately, and I love watching you on podcasts such as your most recent one with Sam Tripoli. My favorite YouTuber, Adam Green of Know More News, posted a video of it. I think you are waking up to the fact that alot of us former AJ supporters left him because of his clear but slippery avoiding the topic of Zionism. He mentions it casually as if everyone who has woken up to AIPAC is a Nazi. AIPAC control both sides of our government and Alex DOES NOT mention that. I could care less about him, but as a huge fan of yours and someone who has slowly waken up to the truth as you have, it is important to me and other fans of yours (including Know More News youtube channel) that you are wise to Alex’s being controlled by Roger Stone and other Zionists. All you have to do is follow the money and you’ll see that it was Sheldon Adelson who got Trump elected, major Israel firster and could care less about getting our troops involved in yet another war for Israel.

    Sorry, that was long winded. You the man!