10 Great Things About 10th Planet

Developed by Abu Dhabi standout and Jean Jacques Machado Black Belt
Eddie Bravo, 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu is an incredibly effective system of
strategies, positions and techniques. It may well known by name, but
without hands-on experience with it, it may be unclear why it’s so
powerful. There are very specific reasons for the system’s high level
of effectiveness. Without getting too deeply into any specifics, here
are ten:

1. It’s Positioning based

Positioning is the source of BJJ’s power. It’s what sets BJJ apart
and ultimately what enables a smaller person to overcome a bigger
person in physical combat. 10th Planet is not a collection of
techniques, but a plan for attaining very specific, very powerful
positions. 10th Planet is FULL of submissions, but that’s partly
because it’s so successful at controlling position. These positions

Half Guard
Butterfly Guard
Twister Side
The Truck
The Twister
The Back
Spider Web
Front Headlock

2. It’s A Cohesive System

The 10th Planet Curriculum offers incredible control because it’s a
sophisticated yet simple BJJ SYSTEM. BJJ systems are sequences of
positions or techniques designed to prepare for the most common forms
of resistance an opponent might give. They’re like are like a maze
where every route leads to the opponent’s defeat. What makes BJJ unique
among martial arts is that it teaches how to truly adapt to and control
your opponent from start to finish. Nearly every position in 10th
Planet is connected by a relatively small set of offensive techniques,
making it a maze of positions which all lead to submissions. When based
on positioning, BJJ systems offer an incredible amount of control, and
10th Planet is a great example of that. Michael Jen is another good
example of an instructor who studies and teaches systems.

3. Offensive Momentum Control

There is no perfect technique. Every move, idea, strategy,
technique, system and method “fail” at some point, as will all of the
10th Planet curriculum, as will all the rest of BJJ and any other
martial art. But when almost any part of your 10th Planet gameplan
begins to work, there is a very good chance you will submit, pass,
sweep or mount your opponent. It’s a extremely offensive gameplan,
highly focused on control and submission, rather than defence or
prevention. Of course these are necessary elements of a complete
Jiu-Jitsu game, but because 10th Planet is so offensive, it enables you
to maintain control by maintaining momentum – the opponent cannot
attack because they’re always forced to try to escape your control or
defend your attack.

4. It Offers DOMINATING Control

BJJ allows you to control opponents in many ways. There’s
controlling by staying a step ahead, there’s controlling by being soft
and difficult to control and there’s controlling by dominating. Many
positions in BJJ allow you to control the opponent, but leave some
basic options open. While there are, of course, counters to and escapes
from each 10th Planet position and technique, almost every one of them
offers such a high degree of control over the opponent that they have
few, if any, options. This is dominating control. Once an opponent is
in a good lockdown, RubberGuard, Twister Side or Spider Web on, it can
be extremely difficult to escape (without being forced into a worse
position). At every point, 10th Planet positions leave opponents few

5. It’s Unorthodox

Basic Jiu-Jitsu is fundamental and crucial, but when fighting
someone who knows BJJ, it is important to use their knowledge against
them. 1