MTS 81 “Killa B”

Hello brothers and sisters! I hope all is incredible!

Mastering The System episode 81 is now LIVE! This one is all about UFC star Ben “Killa B” Saunders and his 2 weeks at 10th Planet HQ. As many of you already know, Ben is the first fighter to pull off an Oma plata submission in UFC history, and he utilized the rubber guard to set it up. Ben is also a Ricardo Liborio black belt which means not only is his Jiu Jitsu high level, but it also means that he has a true open mind, and he has completely opened his mind to the 10th Planet system, particularly the rubber guard. Everything you see in this episode is what every Mma fighter interested in learning the rubber guard should master. It’s not the entire system, it’s just what I feel is THE most important pieces of the guard Mexicans call La Guarda Elastica. I break down the most crucial path into 4 chunks, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi and the most vital piece of the puzzle, Episode 1, where this path all came from, where it all begins, which is also known as the “Pre Stomp” position. Ben’s flexibility is off the charts, his legs are insanely long and like I said earlier, he’s already a seasoned black belt so he’s picking up the system crazy fast. He’s already all over the long legged rubber guard submission called the “dead orchard” so he “might” end up having the most dangerous guard in the UFC when it’s all said and done. All these techniques were shot on location at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

Thank you all very much for the support and enjoy! Eddie 🙂

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