MTS 78 is now LIVE!

Mastering The System episode 78 is now ready for study. Episode 77 was all about the path to the Gogo clinch. It is a super crucial episode for those of you on a quest to master the rubber guard. Go back and study that one before diving into this one if you havnt already because a large part of this episode is about polishing the Gogo clinch and I also go over a different submission option off the Gogo clinch, “death from below” which is a perfect position to land elbows from the bottom, and the submission from there is just as deadly. And for the first time in MTS history I introduce a part of the leg lock game that I recently got addicted to, the honey hole also known as the saddle and 411. This is a part the heel hook game that I was first exposed to by 10p black belt Shigeki Matsuda, but I ignored it because I was too afraid to play footsies. Then years later after Denny Prokopos dove into the leg lock game, he tried to get me into the honey hole then, but again it seemed to dangerous to me. It wasn’t until 5 years later, when Garry Tonon submitted Richie Martinez and Nathan Orchard from this position in competition that I finally realized how awesome the position is. Orchard broke it down to me beautifully and a seminar of his and I finally fell in love with it. The honey hole system is vast and I only touched on a couple set ups but it’s an MTS segment that will probably ignite your fire for the leg lock game if you’ve been avoiding it like I was. Plus I also go over Dean Lister’s favorite honey hole escape. If you’re still not interested in the honey hole after watching this episode you better at least master the escape, trust me, this escape is pure gold. Thank you for the support! Enjoy 🙂