MTS episode 92 “Live Drills1” is now LIVE!

Hello brothers and sisters I hope all is beautiful 🙂

Mastering The System is the online instructional series Most MTS episodes are all about breaking down Jiu Jitsu techniques to the core including the set ups, mind sets, philosophies and strategies. Once all of this is understood, drilling aka putting in reps aka piling on numbers becomes the primary focus, all with about 75% resistance from your training partners.

In this episode I will show you exactly how we take the mastery of these techniques to the next level with the incorporation of live drills. I will show you how we quickly infuse techniques directly into our games at HQ. Live drills are a CRUCIAL part of the learning process, they are drills where your partner is resisting 100%.

At HQ, we are heavy on pressure passing and very often do live drills with the chest pass, the fly over pass and the flip over pass. I will show you exactly where to start these live drills and of course I break down all the pieces of these vital passes as well.

I also created a live drill for the electric chair that will take your lockdown game to another dimension. The electric chair has been proven over and over and time and time again in competition, it’s a fantastic sweep to ad to your arsenal and in this episode I will show you the fastest and most efficient way to make that happen.

At HQ we also spend a lot of time on perfecting finishing fights and that means live dead zone drills. In this edition of MTS we go over the honey hole live drill and the truck live drill as well. Two dead zones that are a staple in the 10th Planet system, two spots where the end is near, and 2 positions that a lot of time must be devoted to.

In this episode I also update warm up B1, which was a simple ankle lock flow but has now become 2 intricate leg lock flows that have recently made a gigantic difference in the overall leg lock game at HQ. So grab a pencil, take mad notes, and practice practice practice, thank you for your support! -Eddie 🙂

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