MTS 84 “D Day”

Hello brothers and sisters, I hope all is beautiful with you and yours!

Mastering The System episode 84 “D Day” is now available at

Most MTS episodes are based on breaking down techniques, including the set ups of these techniques and combinations of these techniques. But some episodes consist entirely of my sparring sessions, so those dedicated to mastering the 10th Planet system can see how these techniques look and flow together in live situations. But this episode is all about LIVE drills, how I force techniques down my students throats at 10pHq using these live drills. Generally after we finish our warm ups at Hq, the lesson of the day usually consists of a part of the game I feel needs work at that particular time,
it can be anything and have nothing to do with the warm ups we just did. Except for warm ups D and H. I will get to what we always do on H days in a later episode, but in this episode I explain what I run my students thru EVERY day we hit warm ups D, “standing passing”. Every day we hit D at Hq I dedicate the entire class on special drills that will strengthen passing from open guard with an emphasis on standing passing, AND I will also show you the guard passing DEFENSE drills we do as well. On D day we focus the whole class on beating your opponents at the point of attack, the most important part of the game, the line of scrimmage, the trenches, the front line. Plus I breakdown the new tweak in warm ups C1. I replaced the kneeling M1 with the Plank M1, you don’t want to miss this one, once you go plank you never go back, trust me. Thank you very much for the support! Eddie 🙂

(Mastering The System aka MTS is the official instructional series of one of the most open minded Brazilian Jiu Jitsu associations on earth, 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. Filmed on location at 10th Planet Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles)