MTS episode 94 “Polishing The Japanese Necktie” is now LIVE!

Hello brothers and sisters, I hope all is beautiful 🙂

Mastering The System is the online instructional series of the unorthodox nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style, “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu” filmed on location at 10p HeadQuarters. in downtown Los Angeles. The Darce is one of the most important chokes in nogi Jiu Jitsu, it’s right up there with the rear naked choke and side choke, aka arm triangle. The Japanese Necktie (jnt) is the Darce’s evil twin brother, so as far as 10p is concerned, the jnt is also one of the most important chokes in the game. What makes this different than the Darce is that although both chokes start off looking the same, as far as body positioning, clinch, and hand grips go, the jnt then quickly morphs into a double neck crank twist with your legs and body positioning now in totally different dimensions. It’s way too complicated to break down in text, but when done correctly, you are not just choking your opponent, you are also cranking his neck in 2 separate directions at the same time. It’s an incredible submission. It’s an absolute must-master. Perhaps the best thing about the jpt is that although keeping your neck straight, shrugged and strong can keep you safe from a Darce, a jnt can go right around that Darce defense with proper timing and execution. So, threatening with a Darce actually becomes a high percentage jnt set up, which is pure gold. Understanding the difference between Darce defense & jnt defense is extraordinarily & extremely vital. This is a very sophisticated submission that was brought into the system in 2007 via an instructional video by MMA superstar Shinya Aoki. Since then, the jnt has been deeply programmed into 10p DNA, and is still continuing to evolve. Every single 10th Planet black belt always has a Japanese Neck Tie waiting to fire in their chamber. In this episode I break down the latest version of this monstrous neck crank twist choke, enjoy! And thank you very much for the support! 🙂

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